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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3285 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3285 Start

At this thought, Chengfeng’s heart suddenly became excited.

“It seems that this boy Joseph is not an enemy, but even a friend!”

“This, is simply the silver lining in the dark cloud!”

“Other than that, just to say that this kid has experts under his hand who are stronger than Moby, maybe he can help me a lot!”

So, he suppressed his inner joy and said with incomparable emotion, “So you’re Arthur’s son! I can’t imagine, I can’t imagine! You’ve grown so big!”

Speaking of this, his expression suddenly darkened, and sighed, “I still remember when your mother had an accident, your Uncle Su was determined to adopt you.”

“But at that time, you had already disappeared, he searched for you for a long time, there was no news, and blamed himself for this for a long time.”

“Yes.” Joseph nodded and said lightly, “A relative of the family picked me up overseas …… at that time I was too young and did not know how to contact Uncle Su.”

Chengfeng nodded slightly and sighed, “Zynn must be very happy if he knew you were still alive!”

After saying that, he hurriedly asked again, “Joseph, what have you been doing overseas, all these years?”

Joseph spoke, “I lived in Colombia for many years, and then I ran around the world.”

“Colombia?” Chengfeng asked in surprise, “Are you looking after a business in Colombia now?”

“No.” Joseph said with his head held high: “When I was fourteen years old, I joined a mercenary army in Colombia and served the big drug lords there in the early years, and then I came out to start my own business.”

Chengfeng asked in surprise, “You also do that kind of business?”

Joseph shook his head and said in a cold voice: “I will never touch that kind of thing in my life, the self-made business I am talking about is the establishment of my own mercenary organization.”

Saying that, he looked with full pride and said, “Eight years ago, I set up my own mercenary organization, with the name of Cataclysmic Front, as a way to remember my parents, but also to constantly remind me that I must take revenge for my parents! “

When these words came out, Moby was immediately stunned!

He looked at Joseph and asked, his voice trembling a little, “Cataclysmic Front is yours?!”

“That’s right!” Joseph coldly said: “Cataclysmic Front is my creation, eight years, my elite force under my command has reached tens of thousands! And it is also ranked as one of the top five mercenary organizations in the world!”

After saying that, he said in a loud voice with some excitement, “For so many years, I have never been back to China, and I came back this time to take revenge for my dead parents and seek justice for them!”

Chengfeng did not know about the Cataclysmic Front.

Because although the rich and powerful people in China are very rich, but they will not have anything to do with the mercenary organization.

The mercenary organizations were all in regions that were always at war, and many of them were in the third world, so they were completely different from the rich people like Chengfeng, so he didn’t know how powerful the Cataclysmic Front was.

However, since the Front has more powerful experts than Moby, and is still one of the top five in the world, it is not necessary to think about it to know that it is definitely not an idle person!

Moreover, the most exciting thing for him is that Joseph is here to seek revenge!

Who to seek revenge? Naturally, the Wade family!

And he has become the leader of the world’s top five mercenary organizations, that Changying Wade died, he could possibly not know about it.

He knows that Changying is dead, but he still wants to seek revenge in the country, looking at this meaning, he intends to make the Wade family pay!

Since it is to engage the Wade family, then is this not equal to give him help in disguise?

So, Chengfeng said with surprise at this time: “Great! It’s really great! Arthur his spirit in heaven, know that you came back to avenge him, must be smiling in nine springs! He must be smiling in his nine corners of the earth!”

Joseph’s eyes were a little red, he held back his tears, looked at Chengfeng, and asked, “Grandpa, where is my Uncle Su at this moment? For so many years, I’ve wanted to apologize to him in person, he was so kind to our family.”

“But when I left, I didn’t say hello to him, and I haven’t taken the initiative to contact him for so many years, I’m really ashamed! Must apologize to him in person!”