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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3281 Free Novel

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Ten minutes later, Robin had already picked out who would participate in this roundabout strike.

This time, he decided to lead a thousand elites from the Front to outflank Hamid’s front-sloping fortifications from the valley on the left flank.

He left half an hour of preparation time for these 1,000 elites, telling them to carry all their weapons and equipment during this time, and strive to take out all of Hamid’s base in one go.

At the same time, Suhang, China.

Outside the Su family villa, eight black extended bulletproof Rolls-Royces, slowly came and parked neatly in front of the villa.

From the first car in the front of the line came down a young man in his twenties, sturdy, with an inch haircut, this person opened the door, got out of the car, walking posture are very straight and tough, the look has undergone intense professional training.

This man came to the gate of the Su family residence and said to the guard outside the gate with a cold face, “Please inform Mr. Su that our Supreme Commader wants to see him.”

When the Su family’s guards saw so many luxury cars coming, they were immediately wary.

The other party did not speak very politely, so they might be looking for trouble, so he hurriedly said, “May I also ask what is the name of your master? I can also inform him.”

The man said coldly: “You are not worthy to know the name of our master, tell your master to think about the identity of our master, and after our Supreme Commader meets him, he will naturally tell him.”

The guard was very unhappy with his attitude, but seeing that the other party was not small, he did not dare to provoke, so he could only speak: “Then you wait for a moment, I will go to inform.”

After saying that, he turned around and immediately reported the situation to Anson, the Su family’s butler.

Anson knew the most about Mr. Su’s daily dynamics, including whether he was going out or not, or whether there were any important guests visiting him today, he knew all of this.

Anson knows very well that today Mr. Su has no plans to go out, nor does he have any plans to meet guests at home, so the fact that eight Rolls Royce came at once and asked to see him is really something strange.

So he hurriedly informed the family’s servants and bodyguards to stand by, and at the same time hurriedly invited the Su family’s strongest expert, Moby, to accompany him to meet the owner of the eight Rolls-Royces outside.

After hearing about it, Moby also attached great importance to it and immediately came to the door together with Anson.

At this time outside the gate, eight Rolls-Royce neatly parked in a row are not turned off, in addition to the person who came down to negotiate, the other people in the car also did not come down, each car is pasted with a very low light transmission rate of privacy film.

What’s even more ridiculous is that these cars do not have license plates, only in the license plate position, hanging a gold metal plate, and this metal plate is actually carved with a dragon!

Anson was also baffled and could not understand what these people had come from, so he asked Moby in a low voice: “Moby, do you see the dragon plate hanging in front of their car, is it gold?”

Moby mused, “Looking at the color, it should be pure gold.”

Anson whispered, “Fcuk, no license plate on the road, hanging pure gold dragon plate, these people are so fcuk!ng arrogant …… don’t know what they are from ……”

Moby seriously said, “What is the origin, go up to explore, we will know.”

After saying that, he stepped in front and asked, “Who wants to see my master?

The young man who stepped down from the Rolls-Royce before said in a cold voice: “It’s our master who wants to see Mr. Su.”

After saying that, he scolded with some dissatisfaction, “Our Supreme Commader’s time is very precious, we have just waited for two minutes, if you don’t invite our Master in within three minutes, don’t blame us for not giving the Su family a chance!”