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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3278 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3278 Start

However, the question did come up.

Why do you want your army to feint?

Even if it is a feint, you have to make a show with the other side in the frontal battlefield, right?

Moreover, you can’t feint outside the enemy’s fire range, right? That way, even a fool can see that it is an act.

But on the frontal battlefield, your side has no advantage, even if you feint, you will lose a lot of soldiers.

Moreover, the feinting side will not only have losses, but the key is to wait for the people of the Cataclysmic Front to detour from the flank and steal the opponent’s permanent fortifications, the credit for the capture of the enemy camp is still fcuk!ng theirs.

The more you think about this deal, the more uneconomical it is.

So, he said, “Your method is fine, but I don’t think my team should be allowed to feint, why don’t we switch, you let your team feint, I’ll let my soldiers go to the flank to detour!”

Robin said angrily, “Don’t you fcuk!ng dream! Letting my soldiers feint? Can your seriously untrained soldiers take on such a daunting assault?”

“What’s the use of just being able to feel through and not be able to fight?”

When the commander heard this, he could not help but think: “It seems to be true that …… my overall strength of soldiers is much worse, if they really go to fight the attack, I am afraid that they will not be able to do the other side ……”

“Not to mention that the other side has the protection of permanent fortifications, when the time comes, in case of failure to fight, I do not know how many people will die ……”.

Thinking about this layer, he immediately said, “Good! In that case, you go to the circuitous penetration, I will front feint!”

Robin gave him a disdainful glance, then he snorted coldly and said, “Now the team has withdrawn, but don’t let the other side breathe, let your artillery in the rear continue to bombard.”

“I’ll go and work out a battle plan with my team and start to meander to the flank in 10 minutes, then you will launch a feint attack!”

The opposing commander also felt that Robin did seem to know more about war than he did, so he immediately agreed and said with a smile, “Good point, good point, I’ll call and have the artillery bomb five more rounds immediately!”


At this time, Hamid, seeing the other side dropped more than 1,000 bodies in retreat, the inner sense of accomplishment is simply bursting in him.

Immediately afterward, the adjutant came forward to report and said joyfully, “Commander, the squads just did a count, and we didn’t lose a single person killed or injured in the battle just now!”

“Great!” Hamid slapped his thighs and said excitedly, “The techniques and tactics shared by Charlie are fcuk!ng amazing! I have to call him and report back!”

Immediately after that, Hamid took out his satellite phone and called Charlie.

Charlie had already rushed back to his home in Tomson, locked himself in his room, and waited for Hamid’s follow-up feedback.

He knew very well in his heart that he was thousands of kilometers away, and there was really nothing he could do about Hamid’s side of the situation.

And this is not something as simple as going to rescue someone, but a war that involves tens of thousands of people on both sides combined.

In this kind of war, it is never a certain strong person who can decide the direction of the war, so even if he goes there now, he may not be able to help him much.

Not to mention the distance, plus the turnaround to Lebanon, even if he let the Concorde come over now, he will arrive in Syria a few hours later, by then it is likely that the big picture has been decided.

So now what he can do is to guard this side of the phone, waiting for Hamid’s feedback, if he encounters problems, he has to provide him with timely help.

At this time, when he received Hamid’s call, he almost immediately picked up and asked, “Brother, how is the situation over there?”

Hamid said cheerfully, “Brother, you’re really divine, every step of the other side’s action is within your prediction!”

Said Hamid, catching his breath, continued, “They really used the kind of infantry and artillery coordinated combat method you mentioned.”

“First they conducted a massive and intensive artillery attack on my base and positions, and then they started to let several thousand infantry charge hard upwards, but they were too gullible, my troops suddenly opened fire to counterattack and caught them off guard.”

“They have now been beaten back, the number of dead and wounded is estimated to be at least a thousand people!”

Charlie asked, “So what is their state now? Start preparing for another artillery attack?”

“Not quite clear ……” Hamid said: “They just retreated, there is no movement for now.”

Charlie thought about it and said, “Then I guess they will continue to launch artillery attacks again very soon, but you must be careful, the other side is likely to take the way of circuitous penetration from the side and directly sneak attack your fortifications.”