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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3277 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3277 Start

As soon as the government commander heard these words from Robin, his eyes lit up.

“Frontal feint, flanking detour!”

“This is definitely a very feasible battle plan, this General, he really does have some skills!”

How did Robin know that his own set of attack tactics, which were too ordinary and common, had become a genius decision in the eyes of the opposing commander?

This is mainly because the other side’s military literacy is really too low, so low that it is ridiculously below the standards.

Although the Middle East is constantly at war, it has to be admitted that the entire modern Middle East is not good at fighting wars.

Since the Second World War, war has become more and more demanding in terms of tactics and strategies as well as patterns.

The world has learned a lot of war experience from that war, even those originally weak Southeast Asian countries, one by one, have become brave and good at fighting.

Only the Middle East, in terms of war talent and tactics, has not been enhanced, on the contrary, it is still far behind other regions.

Syria, Afghanistan, and even Iraq for so many years, the local armed no matter how large, to fight, basically are wild guerrilla mode.

Low military literacy is the biggest problem of the military in the Middle East, except for Israel.

The soldier’s training level is not enough, officers’ command level is not enough, the various departments of the army, the ability to work together between the various services is very poor.

At the same time, the troops also generally lack a strong will to fight, many times seemingly huge army, in fact, a stab will break the flanks.

Not to mention Syria, a country that is at war all day long, even the few super-rich countries that started with oil, their armies are a mess in all aspects except when they spend money to buy equipment than anyone else.

For example, in almost all of the advanced American equipment of Saudi Arabia, in the fight with the Houthis, even the United States sold them the M1A2 main battle tank which got captured by the other side, and therefore honored the reputation of “transport captain”.

The military level of the country is so worrying, let alone Syria.

The government commander, who is partnered with Robin’s war army, has not received any professional military education at all, and when he came out as leader of the team of several thousand people, how to arrange the troops, how to develop tactical strategies, he is basically confused.

Even the most simple infantry and artillery synergy, are managed by Robin.

The reason why the government commanders did not think of using infantry and artillery synergy was mainly because their artillery training level was extremely low, and they were barely able to get by on the usual training ground by hitting targets at close range.

But when they were really pulled out in the hills and let them bomb Hamid’s base, they could not even calculate the coordinates.

If it weren’t for the fact that Robin’s army had experts who were proficient in calculations, they wouldn’t even be prepared to bring tractor artillery with them on this battle against Hamid.

Because their soldiers were only good at operating just one kind of heavy firepower weapon besides using guns, and that was RPG rockets.

That is too simple for them, no need to survey, no need to calculate, no need not to cooperate with the departments, want to bomb something, just put that thing on the shoulder visually aim, and then fired out and it’s done.

Even illiterate people can easily operate it.

But the artillery has more, behind a set of tedious tactical systems it is detection, calculation, site selection, cooperation, attack, and defense, these elements are indispensable.

For a range of 20 to 30 kilometers of artillery, if the coordinates are not calculated, bombing a day may not be able to wound the enemy.

So, he who doesn’t know anything about tactics, after hearing this set of techniques and tactics of Robin, he immediately took it as a guideline.