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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3275 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3275 Start

Originally, the attacking soldiers found no resistance to their charge and thought that the enemy had already been crippled by the rounds of artillery bombardment and could not possibly launch effective resistance.

Therefore, they all relaxed their vigilance, thinking that they would rush up with a single blow, and then finish Hamid’s nest with a single charge.

But who would have thought that just when they thought they would win this battle, a large number of machine gun tongues suddenly erupted from the rocky crevices of the high ground!

The ubiquitous sound of gunfire quickly covered the entire hill, and the soldiers in the front fell down like rows and rows of wheat.

The soldiers in the back were all blinded!

They hastily raised their guns and tried to return fire, but where could they see half of the enemy’s shadow!

The only thing they could see was the tongues of fire coming out of the rocks, and every time they saw the fire coming out, a group of people would be hit and fall to the ground.

In less than a minute, the attacking side lost at least five or six hundred soldiers.

Some soldiers subconsciously returned fire in the direction of the fire tongues, but their weapons had no real effect on Hamid’s permanent fortifications.

At this point, the frontline commander shouted for the soldiers to find cover as soon as possible.

But the most damaging thing was that Hamid had long ago had all the places where they could hide on the sloping hillside treated, and the former potholes were filled in, and the former boulders were blasted directly into pieces.

In short, these thousands of people are now on the slope of the hill, simply can not find any shelter to avoid bullets!

And Hamid’s troops were still inside the permanent fortifications, firing back frantically!

His troops were heavily armed with Russian-made weapons, and each permanent fortification was equipped with multiple 7.62mm caliber, air-cooled Russian PK general-purpose machine guns, and a handful of 12.7mm anti-aircraft heavy machine guns.

The former has a fast rate of fire, wide fire coverage, and is very lethal to ordinary soldiers after multiple angles and multiple machine guns form a crossfire network.

The latter is slow, but the power is huge, basically, is a death giver, more vicious, when there are many people, this thing’s penetration ability is far beyond the ordinary machine gun, a shot over, can penetrate the body of several soldiers.

These two weapons together, in this kind of highland battle, the combo is invincible, plus the enemy simply have no place to hide, so is completely there to be beaten.

The enemy had to charge and had made the mistake of being light on their feet, not carrying heavy equipment at all, so the firepower alone was a world away from the other side.

And the greater disparity is that the attacking army is simply unharmed, completely using their bodies against the bullets.

Unlike Hamid’s soldiers, they were hiding in permanent fortifications built of rock and concrete, reinforced with steel plates on the front and covered with a layer of soil on the outside, so the bullets hit them like mosquitoes bite elephants, with no lethality at all.

Their front commander, seeing more and more soldiers fall around him, realized that the other side had prepared for the attack, so it was impossible to attack so strongly, so he immediately shouted:

“Retreat! Retreat to the back of the armored vehicles!”

So, the remaining 3,000 to 4,000 soldiers began to flee frantically.

With this retreat, the soldiers who were at the front exposed their backs to the range of Hamid’s soldiers, so they lost several hundred more men in the retreat.

All soldiers retreated to the back of the armored vehicles, and the front-line commanders immediately began to count their numbers.

Soon, the attrition was reported from each company. 5,000 men launched a charge, and 1,300 died in one shot.

Among them, there were more than 500 mercenaries from the Cataclysmic Front.

This time, Cataclysmic Front sent ten thousand mercenaries to Syria.

In principle, these people have to obey the command of the Syrian government forces and cooperate with them in the extermination of anti-government forces.

The Syrian government army split these 10,000 mercenaries, and the 10,000 men were divided into four equal parts to play with the four divisions of the government army, and multi-faceted.

And this time, the army that came to crush Hamid included 2,500 mercenaries of the Cataclysmic Front.

Originally, the officers of the group, like the commanders of the government army, were somewhat gullible.

They felt that they had already seen the level of the Syrian anti-government forces and that it would be a breeze to eliminate them.

So they didn’t make enough preparations at all. They only thought that after helping the government to solve the big problem, they would immediately establish their own mercenary base in Syria to further strengthen their influence in the Middle East.

But to their surprise, this time they suffered an unprecedented blow because of their rashness.

More than five hundred fresh lives were thrown directly on the slope of Hamid’s base.