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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3274 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3274 Start

Now the government troops are intensively bombing the positive slope, also in order to quickly dismantle Hamid’s defense force.

But. They never dreamed that he had just made a complete and utter transformation of the frontal fortifications.

Now the permanent fortifications, which were carved out of the rocky mountain body, and at the same time made multi-layer anchoring and reinforcement with reinforced concrete inside, the construction process was as strong as the tunnel.

With the power of their towed artillery fire, the possibility of blowing up such a fortification was almost nil.

Unless the use of high-end heavy drilling bombs. Only then would it be possible to blow up the fortifications.

But this kind of high precision weapons, only the UN’s P5 countries can master, Syria’s overall firepower level, at best, is the level of the 1960s and 1970s, it is impossible to get this kind of equipment for them.

Moreover, even if they had such equipment, they would not be able to cause direct damage to Hamid’s forces.

Because, right now, in his frontal fortifications, there was not a single soldier.

Hamid resolutely carried out Charlie’s instructions, since the other side was playing with infantry and artillery synergy.

When the artillery stopped and the infantry started to initiate the charge, then the troops will be mobilized to play defense.

And the soldiers at this moment when the enemy artillery shells hit dozens of rounds, Hamid’s side is not even a wounded.

While the opposing artillery was bombarded, the infantry advanced rapidly toward the base. After an hour or so, more than 5,000 troops were close at hand and stopped at the base of the hill, about two kilometers from the entrance to the base.

At this point, another round of bombardment began!

The entire positive slope of the mountain had been bombed to blackness. The small hill was soon full of devastation.

This was the last round of shelling before the infantry charge. Once the infantry started to initiate the charge, the shelling had to stop, otherwise, a large area of shelling could easily injure its own men.

However, the commander of the other side did not know what was going on inside the mountain.

Based on his past experience, he concluded that Hamid’s forces must have been severely reduced in strength by now, and that the defenses must have been mostly destroyed, so he immediately ordered the infantry to launch a charge under the cover of armored vehicles!

Hamid’s base was already easy to defend and difficult to attack, and once the north and south entrances were artificially cut off, there was no way for any personnel or vehicles to enter.

So the armored vehicles could not charge in directly, and the only thing they could do was to cover the infantry’s charge to the heights while providing close machine gun and artillery support.

Hamid watched the opposing armored vehicles roar closer and closer from within the permanent fortifications on the front.

Followed by thousands of bowed soldiers, the soldiers relied on the cover of the armored vehicles and advanced unharmed to the foot of the hill, followed by another round of artillery fire from the opposing artillery, which fired a new round of shelling on the front slope of the heights.

This round of shelling lasted a total of twenty minutes, and after twenty minutes, the shelling just stopped. Thousands of soldiers rushed out from behind the armored vehicles, shouting and rushing all the way to the heights.

In the eyes of the opposing commanders, as long as they took the frontal heights, they would have taken the entire Hamid’s base.

In traditional ground attack tactics, the significance of the high ground is very significant, as long as in a local war to take the high ground, it is the same as taking the initiative of the war in this area.

It is the same as the formation of a strong fire deterrent around, and the high ground itself is easy to defend difficult to attack, five hundred people stationed on the high ground, five thousand people may not be able to fight down the charge.

When defending, the side occupying the high ground is at great advantage, while the enemy attacking from the lower ground has difficulty.

When attacking, the side occupying the high ground launched a charge to break through, while the enemy defending from the lower ground was almost defenseless, even retreating is very difficult because the whole back would be exposed to the other side.

So the opposing commander felt that no matter how many troops Hamid is left with now, if he took the high ground and then launched a charge from it to the inner base, he could settle the battle once and for all in a short time!

As thousands of soldiers swarmed up, Hamid’s soldiers immediately began to enter the permanent fortifications on the front slope from the reverse slope pit.

After the thousands of opposing soldiers had also fully entered the firing range of Hamid’s permanent fortifications, he suddenly ordered by radio, “Fire!”