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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3273 Free Novel

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Hamid’s enemies, who knew that at this point his army, instead of being killed mostly by the shelling, was getting braver and braver at the sound of the shelling.

At this time, he, seeing that the shelling had little effect on the anti-slope fortifications, was also gaining confidence.

While listening to the rumbling of the artillery outside, he lamented in his heart, “If it weren’t for this anti-slope tactic taught to me by brother Charlie:

I’m afraid that the lives of my several thousand men would have all been accounted for during the first two rounds of artillery bombardment!”

The movie that Charlie told me to watch is indeed a textbook classic battle. The great volunteer army was able to achieve the final victory in this battle against the bombardment of millions of shells not only because they were brave and good at fighting.”

“It was more because of their superb strategic vision and advanced tactical disposition!”

“When I get through this battle, I’ll dig up all the mountains around here and build a super fortress that would be as solid as gold!”

At this time, the shelling of the government troops continued.

They carried tens of thousands of shells this time. With more than thirty guns, it was not a problem to fire hundreds of rounds.

Moreover, their infantry was still advancing, so during this time, the artillery shelling continued at intervals of one round every three minutes.

After twenty rounds of shelling, most of the bases in the valley had been razed to the ground. Only a few houses were left standing intact and alone.

Some soldiers, carefully came to the entrance of the pit to observe the damage of the base.

After discovering that the base had been razed to the ground, many of them had red eyes, clenched their fists, clenched their teeth, and their hearts were full of hatred.

Maybe to Zynn, that shabby little yard was a nightmare, a hell, but to these soldiers, those little yards, those houses, were their homes.

And now, their homes were blown away by the enemy!

Just as many soldiers were angrily trying to avenge the loss, a new round of shelling came!

This time, the shells did not fall into the almost flattened base again, but landed directly on the periphery of the mountain on the south side of the base, which is the positive slope of the mountain.

Because, in the conventional perception of the other side, they felt that most of Hamid’s soldiers, food and ammunition, and other supplies, must be placed inside the base, so the shelling in front for such a long time was to completely destroy their base as well as supplies and equipment.

And they also knew clearly that the main defense force of this man’s base must be concentrated on the positive slope of the mountain. Therefore, after they destroyed the base, they began to destroy the defensive positions.

They thought that as long as they used strong firepower to destroy all his defensive forces on the positive slope, the tanks and infantry would be able to drive straight in!

In this way, basically, the infantry would only need to come over and sweep the tail and the fight would be basically over.

However, what they did not know was that Hamid’s arms, and those other arms of the same type, had been extremely different.

Before knowing Charlie. Hamid’s base fortification, was to dig some foxholes on the positive slope of the mountain, and then use stones to build a firing stack, and then use hay on top to make a top for concealment.

This kind of fortification is very simple, if in high places to deal with the enemy infantry charge, to deal with infantry AK47 bullets without problems, and indeed has a very big advantage.

However, if the other side played fire suppression, the use of mortars or RPG, this foxhole is basically the same as the paper, is simply the best grave of soldiers.