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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3271 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3271 Start

At this moment, Hamid’s base deep in the mountains of Syria is a tense and busy place.

All the soldiers are using the fastest speed to welcome the coming war under the rising sun.

Hamid’s only helicopter gunships have all taken off and started to transfer some of the more important equipment and materials inside the base to the anti-slope pit halfway up the mountain.

Soldiers also began to enter the pit in an orderly manner under the command of officers at all levels, while those construction teams that were still working just now, as well as soldiers from the engineering battalion, also began to settle all the equipment as fast as they could.

At the same time, the scouts from the front line sent back the news that the other side was not moving very fast.

Although the armored vehicles were able to maneuver quickly, those several thousand soldiers, for the most part, had to rely on foot.

And the wagons were already loaded with a large number of supplies, and towed with the artillery behind, in this winding mountain road, the speed of movement was not much faster than running.

This made Hamid more relieved.

The other side came aggressively, but also quite slow.

It is also possible that in the eyes of the other side, they are already the meat of their mouth, so they are not at all anxious.

And the other side is not afraid of his escape, because their goal is to destroy his base, as far as possible to eliminate his troops, as for his own death, it does not matter.

For Hamid, the opposition forces, the base is their everything, there are bases they can have a life foundation, once they lose the protection of the base, they will be like a dog, can only be passively beaten.

And if the soldiers under Hamid, wiped out seventy to eighty percent, then Hamid will not have the possibility of turning over, then he can only hide, tired by running, simply no longer have the ability to launch any counterattack, or cause any threat.

So this crusading force is not in a hurry, they also know that Hamid has found himself, but they simply do not care.

But what they didn’t know was that Hamid now, was not the Hamid before.

He now has the strength to resist them!

The arrogance of the other side gave Hamid more than an hour of breathing time.

After more than an hour, everyone in this base, all withdrew into the backslope pit.

All the houses inside the base, became decorative, and all the valuable and useful things inside, were also taken away by all means.

Some of the large power generation equipment originally too late to dismantle, but also because of the time of more than an hour, in an orderly were emergency lifted using the helicopter and sent into the backslope pit.

There are a few engineering equipment really can not be put in, then directly were flown north from the base.

Hamid’s soldiers, at this moment, were in the backslope pit sitting in an orderly manner to check the guns and ammunition, ready to attack at any time to meet the battle.

When everything was ready, the front-line scouts sent back the latest information that the opponent’s army had stopped at a gentle area 20 kilometers away in a straight line.

At the same time, the opponent’s more than 30 tractor-trailer artillery pieces began to unfold in place.

Hamid knew very well that this should be the other side’s chosen artillery position, and after they unfolded the artillery and prepared for the attack, the first round of shelling would begin.