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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3270 Free Novel

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Saying that, Charlie continued to analyze: “In fact, if the other side of 8,000 ground troops all launched a strong attack, for you it is nothing, your place is high and dangerous.”

“The standard is easy to defend and difficult to attack, absolutely counted as a man in the gate, ten thousand men can not open, plus your new permanent fortifications, defensive strength will be greatly enhanced, and, even if the other side attacked in you do not have to be afraid.”

“When the time comes they just attacked in, your counter-slope of the pit will become your dumpling position, then still occupy the high ground and the advantage of the pit, and the enemy who came in is miserable, surrounded from the inside by you, there is no place to retreat for them!”

“Holy sh!t!” Hamid suddenly got excited and blurted out, “Brother! Great! It’s really great! I was a little nervous, but after hearing you say that, I can’t wait for them to come in!”

Charlie said: “You can have this mentality, which is the best, seize the time, arrange the troops, make the final pre-battle preparations, remember my words, do not be anxious, do not be dry, must be a good shrinking turtle! Also be prepared for the worst, if the situation really can’t be carried, go for the best plan.”

“Got it!” Hamid said excitedly, “I’ll arrange it! brother, I will communicate with you in time, you must ensure that the phone is open, your brother can survive this wave, it all depends on you!”

Charlie solemnly said: “Do not worry, my phone must be on 24 hours a day, as long as you call, I must answer in seconds!”

“Okay brother, with your words I am relieved! You wait for my good news!”

“Good, I wish you a great victory!”

Charlie finished speaking, and only then hung up the phone.

Just after hanging up the phone, Claire on the passenger side asked with a shocked face: “Honey, who called you? How come there’s a war going on?”

Charlie said: “Hmm, wife, you misunderstood, not what the war matter, it is the game!”

“A buddy of mine recently got hooked on a military game, and someone is going to attack his base with troops. He didn’t know how to arrange his troops, so he called me to ask.”

When Claire heard this explanation from him, she didn’t have any doubts.

After all, she grew up living in a peaceful era, and such things as fighting a war were really too far away from her.

If Charlie really told her the truth and told her that he was actually helping a friend in Syria fight a war, she would instead think that Charlie was making fun of her.

So, she smiled and said, “So your friend is really into playing games, just a little thing, and called you for advice.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Wife you do not know, the game is set to be particularly cruel, no matter how long you spent in the game before buried in development, once you fail, there is nothing, so every war you must try to win, otherwise you have to start all over again.”

Claire laughed, “I understand! No one wants to put their energy into the water, just like the old days of playing the jumping game, no matter how far you jump, once you fail you have to start all over again ……”

“Right.” Charlie looked at the time, drove the car onto the main road, and said, “Wife, I’ll send you to the company first.”

Claire answered and smiled, “Okay!”