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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3269 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3269 Start

“That’s true.”

Hearing Charlie’s words, Hamid calmed down a little and said awkwardly, “Brother, I’m not afraid of what you say, the thing is, since I joined the revolution, I have never seen such a big battle, I’m indeed a little nervous ……”

“Never mind.” Charlie comforted: “This kind of thing, the turn of anyone’s head will be nervous, what you have to do now is not to mess up.”

Saying that he added: “I guess the other party’s strategic intent is very simple, they know the location of your base, know that you are not going to run away.”

“So they will certainly come up to you and there will be full-frontal shelling, and what you have to do in this time is to endure!”

“If the other side fires at you, you must not return fire with artillery, let alone send your helicopter gunships, or your elite troops to try to fight a counterattack or a sneak attack!”

“Huh? Why?” Hamid blurted out, “I was just about to tell you that I was going to hurry up and send an elite force of three to five hundred men to sneak over and ambush them right now, waiting to catch them off guard!”

“How can the other side let you get your way so easily?” Charlie said off the cuff: “No need to think, the other side must be preventing you from this hand!”

“Don’t forget, they have 8,000 people, just 2,000 people in ambush around the artillery position, you send 3,500 people over, the other side can easily cover you! When the time comes, your men will definitely have no return!”

Hamid was stunned and said offhandedly, “Brother you are right …… I was hasty ……”

At this point, Charlie continued to instruct: “You have to remember one thing, the other side’s commander since he can command 8,000 troops, it is absolutely impossible to be stupid, he will at most only make the mistake of rash and adventure.”

“But will not make mistakes of principle, protect the artillery, protect the supply wagons, it is the basic principle that all commanders understand, he will definitely not leave you the opportunity for a sneak attack.”

“Right!” Hamid said seriously: “If I have dozens of artillery, I will also focus on artillery defense, it is impossible to focus only on the front line of battle and leave the rear unattended, after all, this is the key to firepower suppression.”

Charlie hummed, and said: “If he wants to blow up, you let him blow up, anyway he can!”

After a pause, he continued, “Didn’t he just drive 50 or 60 trucks? Even if he has thirty truckloads of shells, even if he finishes all thirty truckloads of shells, it will not be possible to blow down your rocky mountain by tens of centimeters, so you don’t have to be afraid at all.”

“If he only shells, you will all hide in the reverse ramp trench, so basically there will be no attrition because of the shelling.”

“After all the shells are fired, they will only have infantry left, then 8,000 infantry will attack your hill, you will be able to defend it with 800 men, then you will win and never lose!”

“Okay!” Hamid heavily agreed and said, “I know! Will definitely follow my brother’s suggestion!”

Charlie added: “In addition, you must keep an eye on when his armored vehicles start to cover the infantry and charge your base, and are almost at your base’s heels, then you can have your elite troops leave the anti-slope pit and head to the frontal permanent fortifications to counterattack.”

“And this time to counterattack, you must also remember, absolutely no early fire, must wait for the other side to enter into your effective range!”

“Close range before firing, not only can effectively kill the enemy, but also make the other side’s artillery dare not casually give support, because your soldiers in the permanent fortifications, can withstand the vast majority of artillery attacks, while their soldiers have nothing but helmets on their heads.”

“In case they also enter the killing range of artillery, there will certainly be a large number of dead and wounded.”