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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3266 Free Novel

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The vice commander explained:

“Cataclysmic Front is a non-governmental mercenary organization that has risen in the past few years, they have a number of mercenary training bases around the world, the Middle East countries, Africa, South America, these more troubled place have traces of them.”

“These years they are developing rapidly, under the command, the registered mercenaries have 50,000 to 60,000 people, comprehensive strength has now been among the top five global mercenary organizations!”

In this world, not every country or region is as peaceful and prosperous as China. Many regions are in constant war, so mercenaries are simply everywhere in such places.

Most mercenaries are a bunch of desperadoes, they do not have any sense of justice, only serve for money, ready to sell their lives for whoever pays, and some mercenaries are dependent on the survival of certain countries, such as the famous American Blackwater.”

“They train a large number of mercenaries, specifically for the U.S. government services.”

“The U.S. military operations in the Middle East, almost can not be separated from the participation of Blackwater mercenaries, and some of the areas, the government forces feel inconvenient to step in and such mercenaries act on their behalf.

And this Cataclysmic Front belongs to the first kind.

Hamid listened to the introduction of the Cataclysmic Front after a burst of the head, asked off the cuff: “Hiring the Cataclysmic Front 10,000 mercenaries. At least a few million dollars a day, right?”

The deputy commander said: “Commander, the price of the Cataclysmic Front is extremely high, even the ordinary mercenaries under their command ask for one or two thousand dollars a day.”

“The price of officers is even higher, some ask more than ten thousand dollars a day, it is said that they have four war wings under their command, if anyone is out, the cost of a day will be hundreds of thousands of dollars …… “

Hamid dumbfounded asked, “Really? Why is it so expensive?!”

The vice commander explained: “The reason why the Cataclysmic Front has been able to rise in these years, relying on the superb combat power, their mercenaries are well-trained, especially the core cadre members.”

“The only problem is the high price, the average person really can not afford to hire.”

Hamid frowned and said, “According to this calculation. The 10,000 mercenaries would cost more than $20 million a day?”

“Right.” The vice commander wiped his sweat and said somewhat nervously,

“I also received news that this time one of the four commanders of the Cataclysmic Front has come! It is said that this person is able to defeat a hundred with one in battle!”

Hamid couldn’t help but shiver and said offhandedly, “I don’t fcuk!ng understands, where the hell did the government army get the money to hire so many mercenaries?”

The deputy commander explained, “The government army doesn’t have so much money, but they are willing to allocate a piece of land in Syria to the Cataclysmic Front to prepare a base after eliminating the anti-government forces, that’s why the Cataclysmic Front is so active.”

“Sh!t …… is finished ……” Hamid’s heart was dead, completely panicked.

He thought to himself, “If this information is true, then I’m afraid there must be several thousand mercenaries from the Cataclysmic Front in that unit 30 kilometers away ……”

“Now I have a total of a few thousand people, and the level of training is far from the top of the mercenaries, and the other side almost 8,000 people, and so many armored vehicles and tractor artillery.”

“Whether the number of soldiers, the level of training and weaponry, I do not have any advantage of this team, if we really fight this time, basically no chance of winning ah ……”

The extremely nervous Hamid, suddenly remembered Charlie, so he immediately took out his satellite phone, called him!

And at this time, Charlie just picked up Claire who came out of Song’s group, on the way to send her to the company.

When he suddenly received a call from Hamid, he was also very surprised, so he opened his mouth and asked, “Brother, why are you calling me all of a sudden?”

Hamid’s voice tremblingly said, “Brother Wade, your brother… my life is not long, if Zynn dies here, you must not blame me ah!”

Charlie heart stuttered, hurriedly asked: “What happened?

Hamid let out a long sigh:

“Government forces have hired a group of well-trained overseas mercenaries, in a short period of time they have destroyed a lot of troops more than I armed.”

“Now there is a force of more than 8,000 people only less than 30 kilometers away from me, I am afraid that this time I will not be able to carry over!”