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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3263 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3263 Start

The soldier saw Zynn jumping with his head swaying in a hurry and immediately said with a serious face: “Hey! Are you tired of living? Watch your words! Otherwise, I will not be polite to you!”

Zynn said angrily: “Nonchalant to me? Let’s be reasonable, any construction site, there must be time and date, there is no such thing as you work blindly 24 hours a day, regardless of day and night?”

“In our country, only during the daytime it is allowed to do these big movements, and when the end of the day, all construction sites have to stop working and rest.”

“But you guys are good, you work endlessly, if you continue to do this, I will have a nervous breakdown!”

“You go get your Commander Hamid, I want to question him face to face!”

The soldier said in a cold voice: “I tell you, these permanent fortifications and counter-slope fortifications that we are building now are ordered by Commander Hamid himself, asking us to finish them as soon as possible.”

“This matter is now the top priority of our entire base, everything must give way to it, not to mention you, even our deputy commanders, are not qualified to question!”

After hearing this, Zynn’s entire face was dumbfounded.

“What are you saying? You are constructing permanent fortifications and counter-slope fortifications?!”

“That’s right!” The soldier said proudly, “We are now building a powerful set of offensive and defensive fortifications, and we also have to prepare a large number of strategic reserves in advance.”

“Now our permanent fortifications on the four sides of the mountain, as well as the anti-slope fortifications have taken shape.”

“If there is a little more time, these mountains will be dug with dense pits inside, by then, no one in the whole of Syria will be able to come in and fight!”

Zynn heard, the whole person dumbfounded.

No wonder the rumbling and grumbling all day long, so it is the construction of permanent fortifications!

No wonder there are truck convoys outside these days to bring things inside, it turns out that Hamid is engaging in permanent fortifications, while making strategic reserves.

This made Zynn puzzled and thought, “This guy Hamid, wherein did he learn such a set of the strategic theory of digging deep and accumulating food?”

“The key is that he is a Middle Eastern man who can dig deep and accumulate grain, but why is he playing with counter-slope fortifications?”

“This is our military’s mastery from centuries ago! Why did he learn it too?”

“The enemy’s artillery bombardment from the outside of the mountain made it difficult to hit the anti-slope fortifications on the inside of the mountain. Now this man Hamid has learned it! What an outrage!”

“Moreover, the overall level of development of Syria is quite low, both the government forces and the anti-government forces are still stuck in the firepower level of the World War II era.”

“In addition Syria is originally more mountainous and dotted with hills, doing this set, I have to say, it is really suitable for a mess!”

Zynn so thought, and suddenly flashed a figure in his head.

“Charlie! It must be Charlie! It must be this man who quietly taught the gems of our army back then to this guy Hamid!”

“If this was put aside decades ago, this son of a b!tch Charlie can be shot dead!”