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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3262 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3262 Start

The ancestral ceremony scheduled to be held by the Wade family in twenty days had indeed touched many people.

Not only the Wade family in Eastcliff, but also the branches of the family all over the country and even the world began to prepare for this ancestor worship ceremony early.

Even in Charlie’s heart, he was vaguely looking forward to this ceremony, because he had long decided to get Zynn back from Syria at this ancestral ceremony, so that he could personally kneel in front of his parents’ graves and repent, in order to console the spirits of his parents in heaven.

Although Zynn is not the murderer who directly killed his parents, but this is a very important start for Charlie.

From Zynn onwards, he will start with those who were once enemies of his parents, one by one, to uncover, so that they pay the price for their actions!

And in addition to Charlie, there is another person who has been thinking about this ancestral ceremony, that person is in Syria, Zynn.

During this period of time, Zynn has been counting the days, because he knows that the time to Qingming is getting closer and closer, which means that the day to return to his country is getting closer and closer.

Although he also knew that the so-called return to China was actually being escorted by Charlie to the ancestral grave of the Wade family and kowtowing to Changying to confess his sins, which was essentially an outright insult to him.

But even so, he is very much looking forward to this day.

Because, in his heart, he knew one thing very well, that is: “If I stay in this sh!tty place in Syria, in Hamid’s base, then my whereabouts will never be known by my family!”

“But if Charlie can let me return to my country, even if it means that I have to go to the ancestral grave of the Wade family to kowtow and admit my mistake, I have a certain chance to let the Su family know my specific situation!”

“It’s not good to say that my father can still have a way to get me out.”

“Really can’t, he can still go to negotiate with Charlie, the big deal is to give up some benefits and exchange me back.”

“So, even if there is only one percent chance, it is better than no chance at all!”

During this period of time, Zynn’s life in Syria was not good.

Hard conditions, at first he was not adaptable, but after some days he slowly was able to accept.

However, the most depressing thing about this recent period is that Hamid does not know which tendon is not right, and began to build infrastructure in this mountain nest!

In the surrounding mountains, twenty-four hours a day, he can hear the deafening sound of construction, the sound of all kinds of machinery roar is surrounding him.

According to his observation, now the base, built more than one concrete mixing plant, 24 hours a day non-stop production of concrete, and then by high-pressure concrete pump, one station to the surrounding hillside, and in the surrounding hillside, explosives to open the movement of the mountain is also happening from time to time.

It is not easy to say when the gun will be released, and sometimes even in the early hours of the morning disturbing his sleep.

Each time the cannon fire, accompanied by a burst of ground shaking.

This is just one aspect, more annoying is, each time after the use of explosives to open the mountain, there will be heavy machine guns bursts, roaring up the sky non-stop.

At this time in the Middle East, the sky has just dawned, but Zynn woke up two hours ago, by the machine roar of the night and it is hard to sleep.

After just two hours of sleep, he listened to the sound of several explosions rumbling outside, the vibration of the explosion almost collapsed his roof, so he was awakened from sleep, thought the war, pulling his legs to run outside.

He was immediately spotted by a soldier standing guard on the opposite roof, who immediately pointed his gun at him and shouted angrily: “What are you doing? If you try to run out again, I’ll shoot you!”

Zynn was so angry that he cursed and blurted out, “What the hell are you staring at me for? The enemy’s shells are coming, why don’t you hurry up and go to the front line position to support them!”

The man heard this, put down his gun, waved his hand, and said, “Do not be afraid, there is no war, that is our engineering battalion opening the mountain, just a breath detonated six working surfaces of the explosive point, so the noise is a little bit loud.”


Zynn jumped up and cursed: “Are you people sick? Day and night non-stop shelling to open the mountain, after the shelling, it is more than a dozen air compressors on work.

That sh!t suddenly starts rumbling loudly when it doesn’t move, just like having a fcuking Parkinson’s seizure, how to fcuking live here!”