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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3261 Free Novel

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For a time, in her heart, Nanako also felt a strong inferiority complex.

Originally, like Warnia, she had a small sense of superiority from her family background deep inside.

She always felt that she might not be able to compare with Charlie in many aspects, but at least, she was still a big girl from a big family.

But now it seems that he is not only in this point, not inferior to her, on the contrary, but he is also still a young master from a large family.

The only advantage they had was crushed.

For a while, the two girls on the phone coincidentally silent.

After a long time, it was Nanako who took the lead in breaking the silence and spoke: “Sister Warnia, I have briefly investigated some of these two families when the Su family and the Wade family wanted to cooperate with our family.”

“It seems that among the middle-aged sons of the Wade family in this generation, there is indeed one person who was lost a long time ago, if he is really the young master of the Wade family, it is most likely that he is the son of this person!”

Warnia actually knew very little about the Wade family.

These large families are particularly concerned about protecting their privacy, so, in addition to the local families in Eastcliff, more or less understand their situation, the non-local families only vaguely have a general idea, deeper details simply they do not know.

Moreover, Changying died in that era, information dissemination was still very backward, ordinary people understand the news in only two ways, one is the television, one is the newspaper.

And the television at that time, almost rarely reruns the news, not to mention the Internet video platform to help them keep the video files, so this means that if news just began to expose out when you missed it, you will probably never have the opportunity to see.

Because of this, Warnia had no idea how many members of the Wade family there were, what each one’s name was, let alone that any of these had disappeared twenty years earlier.

So she said to Nanako, “I’ve never heard of the Wade family’s internal situation, so I’m not sure who of their middle-aged sons and daughters have disappeared.

Nanako said, “No need, sister Warnia!”

Warnia asked in confusion, “Don’t you want to know more details?”

Nanako smiled faintly and said seriously, “Since Charlie has not said these things, it proves that he does not want us or others to know this, we are all people who have received favors from him, we can’t just pry into his secrets just because we want to satisfy our own curiosity.”

Warnia froze, then sighed and said quietly, “You’re right …… this matter we really shouldn’t dig too deep ……”

Saying that, Warnia reluctantly lamented: “Hey, I actually think, although we have so many clues to echo on, but have not found a conclusive evidence to prove that our speculation is true, nine, eight out of ten, but there is always that one or two percent other possibilities, I want, in fact, is the nail on the coffin.”

Nanako felt empathetic and said: “I understand what you mean …… right sister Warnia, I heard someone say that the Wade family will hold a very grand ancestral ceremony at Qingming festival this year.”

“When you can pay attention to see if Charlie went to Eastcliff, if he also happens to be in Eastcliff at that time, then this matter will be completely nailed down.”

“Ancestor Ritual Ceremony?” Warnia was surprised and asked, “How do you know?”

Nanako said, “People from the Wade family came to see my father and talked about these things. It is said that they bought a mountain for their own feng shui and built it as the ancestral tomb of the Wade family, and the ancestral ceremony of the Wade family is held only once every twelve years, so it is very grand.”

“I understand.” Warnia was busy saying, “Then I will keep an eye on Master Wade’s trajectory at that time to see if he will leave Aurous Hill and go to Eastcliff.”