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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3260 Free Novel

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But Claire didn’t even think about it.

She thought that Warnia had spoken out of turn and hurriedly said, “In fact, the reason why Charlie suffered so much was that he came from such a poor background and lost his parents at a very early age.

Realizing that Claire didn’t notice her mistake, Warnia hurriedly nodded and agreed, “Mrs. Wade you are right, I was the one who said it wrong.”

After saying that, she hurriedly picked up the documents, selected three project plans from them, handed them to Claire, and said with a smile,

“Mrs. Wade, you can go back and take a good look at these three projects, these are the first projects we are ready to start right now, if there are no problems on your side, we can sign the cooperation agreement first.”

Claire nodded and said, “Okay, Miss Song, I’ll take these materials back, read through them carefully today, and then think about a feasibility plan, and then we’ll communicate in detail!”

“No problem!” Warnia took out her business card and handed it to Claire and said, “Mrs. Wade, this has my contact information, you can contact me at any time if it’s convenient for you.”

“Okay!” Claire stood up and said, “In that case, I will not disturb Miss Song’s work, we will contact by phone if there are any problems.”

“OK!” Warnia took the initiative to extend a hand to her and said, “Happy cooperation!”

Claire nodded: “Happy cooperation!”

Warnia also stood up and smiled, “Let’s go, I’ll walk you out.”

She sent Claire out of her office, and after saying goodbye to her, she immediately went back to her office, took out her cell phone, and made a call to Nanako.

At this moment, Nanako was waiting for Warnia’s feedback at the Song family villa, because she knew that Warnia was going to meet Claire this morning, so she also expected her to be able to get some useful key information out of Claire’s mouth.

Therefore, as soon as the call came in, she immediately picked up and asked, “How is sister warnia?”

Warnia said directly to the point: “Nanako, I suspect that Master Wade is, with 90% to 100% confidence, the young master of the Wade family in Eastcliff!”

Saying that, she then repeated the conversation she had had with Claire just now to Nanako.

“Eastcliff Wade family?!”

After hearing what she said, Nanako was as if struck by lightning.

Some time ago, both the Su family and the Wade family had approached the Ito family, hoping to start an ocean shipping cooperation with them, so Nanako knew both the Wade family and the Su family better.

She knows that the Wade family’s strength has almost reached the tip of the pyramid in China, and the Su family was slightly stronger than the Wade family in the past, but now the Su family has divested the entire ocean shipping group to Zhiyu.

So the overall strength of the Su family at present is probably on par with the Wade family, and may even have been vaguely exceeded by the Wade family.

If Charlie was the young master of the Wade family, that would also mean that he was actually a direct blood relative of a top Chinese family, which was far from his original orphan background.