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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3259 Free Novel

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What made Warnia realize that something was not quite right was that after all these clues were cleared and all of them matched with Charlie, Charlie’s surname was like the last piece of evidence that locked all the clues, making her no longer have any doubts about her own guesses.

She thought to herself, “So it seems that Master Wade must be the young master of the Wade family in Eastcliff, and the Wade family must have been very good friends with the Gu family back then, so when the two children were still young, they had already set up a marriage, but in the middle of this Master Wade had some changes so that he fell into Aurous Hill and became an orphan!”

At this thought, she had mixed feelings deep inside her heart.

Before, she felt that Charlie had grassroots origin, but with his own ability he successfully reversed the model, and it is based on this point, deep inside her heart has always felt that she is not inferior to Charlie in front of him in every way.

At least, her own origin is better than his, born with a higher social rank than him.

Warnia did not have any intention of looking down on him, she just used this view to cheer herself up and make herself feel that she was not out of reach with Charlie.

But now she realized that her own origin was not only not better than Charlie’s, on the contrary, it was simply a hundred thousand miles worse than his.

Eastcliff Wade family’s overall strength is at least more than ten times stronger than the Song family!

If the base is small, ten times, it does not seem to be too big a gap, but if the base is large enough, the gap is simply frightening.

To use a simple analogy, one child has a lollipop in his hand, while another child has ten lollipops in his hand, this tenfold gap is nothing, parents only need to come up with a few dollars to help their children catch up.

But if it’s your family that has one suite in the local area, and another person has ten suites in the local area, the gap is too big for many people to overcome.

What’s more, here we are talking about a hundred billion level assets, and the gap with trillion level assets is simply more than an order of magnitude worse.

It was also at this moment that Warnia’s deep-seated inferiority complex reached its peak, and now she felt that she had a huge gap with Charlie everywhere and that she had almost no hope with him.

At this time, Claire, did not know Warnia’s inner changes, she saw her did not speak again, and thought Warnia was not interested in her husband’s topic, she could not help but sigh:

“In fact, Charlie really suffered a lot in the past, he lived in the orphanage until he was 18 years old, and then he came out to work to earn money, and he did all the dirty work, and the money he earned from working, leaving some for self, almost rest of it was donated to the orphanage to help the younger siblings there.”

Warnia nodded gently, could not help but feel emotion: “To be honest, I really admire Master Wade, with such a background, he can still silently eat so much suffering ……”

As soon as Warnia spoke, she immediately regretted it.

She could see that Claire did not know Charlie’s true identity at all, so she was afraid that the sentiment she had just said would make Claire discover the end.