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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3257 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3257 Start

However, Claire knows very well in her heart that with her current strength and ability, it is impossible for her to cooperate with the Song Group on projects with a total investment of tens of billions of dollars in one breath.

The overall strength of her company now is far from the scale of a large design company, plus she still has the project of the Emgrand Group on hand, so the energy she can spare is even more limited.

Warnia took out this tens of billions of projects, Claire estimated that she could at most eat one-fifth of it.

However, even one-fifth. It is also a very large piece of cake.

The design fee alone is almost forty million.

While Claire was excited about this, Warnia, who was opposite her, was thinking. But how to lead the topic to Charlie, and do not let Claire have any suspicion, ask the questions that they want to ask.

So, she asked her: “Mrs. Wade, do you think your company can cooperate with Song’s group in these projects?”

Claire seriously said, “Miss Song. Our company can do all these projects, but I’m just a little bit unsure, are these projects of yours going to start at the same time?”

Warnia explained, “Basically, all these projects have been prepared and launched one after another, but for so many projects, the timeline should be stretched to half a year or even a year for each.”

“So that it will be easier for you to arrange your time and energy reasonably, otherwise, if all these projects are concentrated in a very intensive period of time, I am afraid that you will also be affected. Otherwise, if all these projects are concentrated in a very intensive period of time, I am afraid that you will not be able to cope with it.”

What Claire was originally worried about was that her company did not have enough manpower and energy to eat so many cooperation projects in one bite, but if, according to Warnia, these projects would be launched one after another within half a year to one year, then she would have enough time to line up her troops.

In this way, it may not be impossible to take all these projects or take over a large part of them.

So, she asked Warnia: “Miss Song. Are you going to take all of these projects to work with us?”

“Yes.” Warnia said very generously, “As long as you are interested, Mrs. Wade, all the projects can be given to your company, if you can do it yourself, well and good; if you can’t do it yourself, then you can completely subcontract it to others, and then you can earn a price difference from the middle.”

Claire really did not expect that Warnia would be so generous. In the past, for this kind of project, every B-party company would have to scramble for a share. Just like her parent’s group in the past.”

“In order to get the 30,000 projects of the Emgrand Group, the whole family had to hold a mobilization meeting, and all of them still had no hope deep inside.

However, Warnia directly sent such a large share to Claire, which made her a little bit back to her mind, after all, this is no longer a pie from the sky, this is a diamond from the sky.