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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3252 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3252 Start

At this time, Charlie and his wife Claire had already returned home.

Claire because still not quite able to accept Sara suddenly has to permanently quit the singing world, while has been holding the phone on the microblog to participate in the first hot list of new activities, ten million fans joined to request Sara to stay in the entertainment industry.

While she was busy swiping her phone in support, Charlie came to the courtyard alone and made a phone call to Philip.

He knew that Philip was leaving Aurous Hill and returning to Eastcliff tonight, but just now at the concert, he didn’t have much communication with him because his wife was there and there were too many people, so he hurried to give him a call and wanted to wish him and Lenan a good trip.

When the call was answered, Philip said smilingly, “Charlie, you’ve arrived home, right?”

Charlie said, “Yes, Uncle, I’ve arrived home. Have you and Auntie left for the airport?”

“Yes.” Philip said smilingly, “We are already on our way, it just so happens that Sara also has to go back with us tonight, so we are going together as a family of three.”

“Ah?” Charlie was surprised and asked, “Sara is also leaving? She must be so tired after the concert, why doesn’t she rest for one night before going back?”

Philip laughed: “Your Auntie and I also advised her to do the same, but the child insisted on going back with us, saying that there is nothing more to do here, so she can go back and rest properly.”

Charlie’s heart was a little empty, helplessly said, “Well, you tell her, after landing, send me a WeChat.”

“Sure.” Philip then said, “Charlie, the time is late, you also rest early.”

Charlie was ashamed and said, “Uncle, I’m really sorry, you and Auntie came all the way here today, I didn’t entertain you properly, and I couldn’t come to the airport to see you off when you left.”

Philip casually laughed: “It’s okay, we are all family, no need to be so polite, and in less than a month, you will come to Eastcliff to participate in the ancestral ceremony of the Wade family, then you will stay at your uncle’s house, and we will have a few good drinks.”

“Okay.” Charlie agreed without hesitation, going back to attend the ancestral ceremony was something he had promised his grandfather before, since he had already promised, it was natural to keep his words.

However, Charlie and the Wade family did not want too much contact, so he originally did not intend to live in the Wade family.

Otherwise, if he looks down and raises his head, he can see your aunt Cynthia, not only is she bad, he will also be unhappy.

At that time, if he lives in Philip’s house, it will naturally be much more convenient.

When Philip saw Charlie agree, he said very happily: “Then we have a deal, when you depart to Eastcliff, tell me in advance!”