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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3251 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3251 Start

Sara heard this, the whole person immediately tensed up, off the tongue: “Dad! I …… should not give Charlie trouble, right?!”

Lenan then spoke: “I think the An family know that Charlie is still alive, should not be a bad thing, his grandparents are still alive, and in the family, they are also in charge.”

“If they know that Charlie is still alive, they will only be happy, will never have any threat to Charlie, maybe after they get acquainted with Charlie, can bring more resources and opportunities to him.”

Saying that, Lenan added: “Back a step, even if the An family has little affection for him, but after all, there is blood kinship, at most, they will not bother him, they certainly can not take the initiative to find trouble with Charlie.”

Philip thought about it, sighed with relief, nodded, and said, “That’s true, Charlie’s apparent threat is the Su family, but the Su family is obviously no longer his rival.”

Lenan asked, “Then you say, if the murderer of Brother Wade and Sister An knew that Charlie is still alive, would he attack him?”

Philip shook his head, “I don’t think so, if they wanted Charlie’s life, back then in Aurous Hill, they would have killed Charlie together, after all, even big brother Wade didn’t get rid of their poisonous hands, if they wanted to kill Charlie, how could he be spared.”

Lenan nodded slightly, aside Sara was slightly relieved, while she touched her heart, while fearful beyond measure said, “I’m really worried about what trouble this would bring to Charlie …… After all, I did not discuss this with him in advance about this matter… …”

Philip smiled faintly and said, “In fact, it’s okay, know that you two’s marriage, is not only known to the Wade family and the An family.”

“Other Eastcliff big families are also aware, even if you did not say this at the concert, the Wade family has long known about Charlie’s matter, Su family Zhiyu and her mother Liona must also know, as for the remaining two or three families, even now know, it is nothing, not a big deal.”

“Right.” Lenan spoke, “Even if they know that Charlie is still alive, they also know who Charlie really is, so I think it will have no effect.”

“That’s good.” Sara sighed, “Just now Dad suddenly said a thing, I thought I was in big trouble ……”

Lenan touched her hand and said with a smile, “You don’t have such a big psychological burden, this matter is not a good thing.”

The first thing you need to do is to go to the U.S. to visit Natalie when you go on tour. If she knows about your concert today, she’ll know that we’ve found Charlie, so maybe she’ll talk to Charlie’s grandmother about it. You may be able to meet with the An family.”

“Meet with the An family?” Sara asked, “If Charlie knows, will he not be angry with me?”

Lenan seriously said, “So you have to grasp the degree, you go to the United States, can only take the initiative to visit Natalie, as for the An family to see you, depends on whether Natalie will convey this information, if she conveyed this matter, then to the An family it is their initiative to see you, not your initiative to see them.”

Sara asked in confusion, “But what am I going to say when I see the An family ……”

Lenan said, “Naturally, it’s to help connect Charlie with the An family. If he can get help from the An family, his future development will definitely get a huge boost, so he can get twice the result with half the effort. This will only be good for him.”

Philip on the side said: “Sara, your mother is right, although Charlie and the An family share blood, but they have not been in too much contact, plus Charlie’s mother has died, the An family and he have been estranged for many years.”

“If you want them to re-establish their relationship in the future, the middle really needs a link, and you, naturally, are the best candidate for that link!”

“And this time Natalie look at the face of the An family, to make you a wedding dress, this in itself is a very good breakthrough opportunity, you go to the United States this time, by the way, to visit Natalie, everything will be naturally a waterfall.”

Sara nodded with a sudden realization and said, “Okay Dad, I know.”