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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3249 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3249 Start

Sara heard her mother’s voice outside the door and hurriedly said, “Mom, I’m taking off my makeup and changing clothes, are you by yourself?”

Lenan was busy answering, “Yeah I am by myself.”

Sara then said to Tasha, “Tasha, go and open the door for mom.”

“Okay.” she agreed and hurriedly opened the door to the room.

After the door opened, Lenan looked at Tasha and said with a smile, “Tasha, this time has really been hard for you.”

Tasha hurriedly waved her hand and said, “Auntie, this is all my job, it’s not hard at all.”

After that, she said with a shocked face, “Auntie, why do you look so much younger today? I feel that if I don’t control my food, wait for another two years, I may look even older than you ……”

Lenan said with a smile, “I have some nice skincare products, the effect is really quite good, I’ve been using, and as we go back, I’ll have someone send you a set, or you directly come home to pick up.”

Lenan knew that she naturally could not tell Tasha about the Rejuvenating Pill.

Moreover, even if she told her, she was afraid that it would be difficult for her to get it, but instead, she also cause trouble for Charlie, so she used skincare products to cover the reality.

Tasha has always had a very close relationship with Sara, so she is also very familiar with Lenan, hearing this, she said with a smile, “Then I’ll thank you in advance, Auntie!”

Lenan laughed: “What else do you have to be polite to auntie, from now on all your skincare products I will give you, I will have the group’s driver send it to you regularly.”

“Really?” Tasha was flattered and said with some trepidation, “Auntie, there is no need to go to such trouble, if it works well, I will just go and buy it myself in the future.”

Lenan laughed: “You and auntie are still so out of touch? This matter is settled, if you push back again, you will treat auntie as an outsider.”

When Tasha heard this, she could only nod and said, “Thank you, Auntie, I’m sorry then!”

Lenan nodded, then said to Sara:

“Sara, your father and I are ready to go to the airport, your father thinks you have worked too hard today, so he asked me to tell you to take a good rest at the hotel tonight, so you don’t need to come with us again at night.”

“Don’t say that mom,” Sara said:

“I’m going to take off my makeup and go back with you guys, I’m not tired at all now, I don’t need much rest, moreover, there’s no point for me to stay overnight, I might as well go back with you guys, then I can still have a good sleep at home.”

Lenan reached out and touched her face, asking gently, “You confessed so deeply at your own concert today, don’t you want to see how Charlie reacts in person? Stay one more night, and you might be able to meet him tomorrow.”

“No no.” Sara said with a smile, “Making such a big noise, and did not say hello to Charlie in advance, I am afraid that I have scared him so it is better to go back first and see him again after a while.”

Lenan helplessly shook her head and laughed: “You girl, you dare to do such a shocking thing, still afraid that you do not know how to face him afterward?”

Sara said delicately: “Mom, you know I actually have the thinnest skin, today dry this thing will keep me nervous for many days until now the back is still sweaty, now the last thing I want to do is meet Charlie, so just let me go home to avoid the wind ……”

“This child ……” Lenan helplessly laughed: “then okay, you take your time to take off the makeup, change into comfortable clothes, I’ll go talk to your father, we will wait for you.”

“Thank you, mom!” Sara smiled happily and gave Lenan a kiss on her cheek.