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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3248 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3248 Start

Tasha asked, “You’re leaving tonight?”

“Yes.” Sara said, “The concert is over, so there is no more business for me, you stay here with the executive company to take care of the aftermath, I will go back to Eastcliff first, to prepare for the next concert.”

Tasha said, “Then there is no need to catch a plane back so late, rest for one night, wait until tomorrow, and then leave.”

Tasha said, “You have confessed so deeply at the concert, but that man took his wife home after the concert, don’t you want to stay one more day to see if he will give you a statement?”

“No.” Sara said with a smile, “I’ve said it, I just want him to know clearly what kind of true feelings I have for him, and that is enough.”

“That’s why I didn’t put any frontal photos of him in the video, not even as a child, and I didn’t say in public that it was his birthday, that he was there today.”

“Because I didn’t want anyone else to guess that my Prince Charming was him, especially not to make his wife suspicious.”

“And since I said I would wait for him for three years, I will definitely wait for him in a down-to-earth manner, and definitely will not create any trouble for him in advance, not to mention not wanting to put him in a dilemma.”

Tasha is convinced, rushed Sara arched her hand, exclaimed: “I really tried to convince you! Really, I won’t even help when the wall falls down, I’m convinced of you!”

“Typical devotional personality! If Charlie does not marry you, he will regret it until his next life and beyond!”

“Don’t be silly.” Sara with her help took off the wedding dress carefully and said:

“Tasha, the makeup has not been removed, and later have to go to the airport, so this wedding dress is too late for me to pack and take away.”

“You must help me properly pack it, and then bring me back to Eastcliff intact, in the future when I get married I want to wear it.”

Tasha said helplessly, “I know, I know this is your treasure, don’t worry, I will help you properly with it and bring it back to you in good condition!”

Sara nodded her head and smiled: “Thank you! You are my good sister! I’ll treat you to a big meal when we get back!”

Tasha gave her a blank look and muttered, “And treat me to a big meal, you announced this time to quit the entertainment industry.”

“I can also be laid off as an agent, and when I go back, I have to prepare for the layoff and re-employment.”

Sara hurriedly laughed: “Don’t! We still have dozens and dozens of concerts to stay busy with, wait for the next concert.”

“After the commitments, I quit the entertainment industry, but I still have to do other things, then I will look back to the family group to find a good job, you come to me as an assistant I will give you double the annual salary!”

Tasha felt happy, but the face still hummed, she said: “Being an assistant is no problem, after all, I am also a famous university graduate in economic management, to work with you as an assistant is more than enough, but this double annual salary just forget it.”

“Your sister Tasha doesn’t lack money, the reason to rely on you is because of a good relationship with you, with you to work together even if I do not make money I am still comfortable.”

Sara held Tasha’s arm, smiling, said: “Lovely sister, today you finally said the truth, it seems that my personality charm is stronger, can keep such talent around to serve me, ha ha ha, this lady has really extraordinary charm!”

“Pooh!” Tasha skimmed her mouth and said, “Don’t be silly here, don’t you have a plane to catch? Hurry up and take off your makeup.”

As they were talking, there was a knock at the door and Sara’s mother, Lenan, asked in a soft voice outside the door, “Sara, can mommy come in?”