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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3247 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3247 Start

At this moment, backstage of the performance.

In Sara’s lounge, Tasha, with red eyes, personally helped her take off her wedding dress carefully, choking with some heartache under her breath,

“Sara, I really don’t understand, since you’ve decided to wear a wedding dress at this concert, why didn’t you name that guy Charlie?”

Speaking of this, she complained somewhat indignantly,

“If I were to say, you should have forced him to marry directly in front of tens of thousands of viewers, in front of the nation’s fans!”

“Once the wedding dress is on, directly shout his name, ask him to come on stage, and then ask him on stage in front of everyone when exactly he will honor his promise.”

Sara looked at herself in the mirror, carefully removed the shiny diamond earrings, said with a smile:

“You must have watched too much romance idol drama, feelings and marriage is not forced on people, why use the influence, forcing him to come on the stage?”

“It’s not like no one in the entertainment industry has done this before, but the result is not divorced?”

I just want to tell him personally on his birthday what kind of feelings I have for him all these years, and I promised long ago to wait for him for three years, if I call his name on the spot at this time and ask him when will he honor it or call his name on the spot at this time, that is my own backtracking.”

Tasha depressed said:

“But today this confession of the battle is too big, and also completely out of the entertainment industry, things, you have given so much for him, if not to force him a little, in case of regrets what do you do?”

“In case he does not honor his promise after three years what do you do?”

Sara seriously said, “If he really can’t keep his promise, then I won’t blame him.”

“What?!” Tasha dumbfounded said: “Will not blame him?? I tell you, Sara!”

“If that Charlie after three years does not fulfill the promise, when the time comes, I will have to expose this heartless man on the Internet myself!”

Sara said: “Don’t talk nonsense! Charlie’s family has been kind to our family, his father helped our family a lot in the past, my father’s life was also saved by Charlie, with such great kindness, no matter what decision makes, I will willingly and fully accept it.”

Tasha was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot: “Sara, how can you think like that? He is kind to your family, but don’t you have any love for him?”

“The video that was played at the beginning of the concert is not your silent dedication to him for so many years?”

“Could it be that just because he saved your father, he can disregard your dedication for so many years? He can completely fail you?”

Sara said more or less impatiently: “Oh well, you talk the most! Hurry up and help me take off my wedding dress, I still have to catch a flight later.”