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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3244 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3244 Start

The moment she saw Zhiyu, Elsa was dumbfounded.

She recognized her right away, after all, she was the eldest granddaughter of the Su family, and was extremely famous in the circle of Eastcliff’s second generation, and could be said to be the strongest one in the circle of Eastcliff’s celebrity daughters.

The two of them are not friends, but they are acquaintances, and they have met on many high society occasions.

She just didn’t expect that why Zhiyu was here.

So, she subconsciously asked, “Miss Su …… Su? How come you are here?”

Zhiyu is also a little surprised, Elsa she remembered, the Dong family’s daughter, compared to these top families Dong family’s strength is quite inferior, but after all, is also a circle of people, with each other they have some interactions.

So, she then smiled slightly and said, “Miss Dong also came to Aurous Hill, is it specifically for the concert?”

Elsa hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, no, I’m working in Aurous Hill now, right in Aurous Hill’s Emgrand Group!”

Zhiyu nodded her head and said with a smile, “So it’s the famous Emgrand Group.”

After saying that, she also intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Charlie, and there was even a little bit of something in her eyes.

Because after she knew that Elsa actually worked at the Emgrand Group, the first instant she felt that this was a very fishy matter.

In her heart, she thought, “Although the Dong family is only a ten billion dollar family, but it is far from letting their own first daughter run to Aurous Hill thousands of kilometers away to work, and these families in Eastcliff are more refined than monkeys, no one would do such a disgraceful thing, there must be a demon when things go against the norm, the Dong family must have a deep meaning in this move.”

Before she could be surprised for two seconds, she immediately came to a realization and exclaimed inwardly, “It must be because of Charlie!”

Although she didn’t know through what channel the Dong family had groped for clues related to Charlie, Elsa was definitely running towards Charlie.

On the side, Claire did not know Zhiyu’s real background, she was busy with work all day long, even though Zhiyu’s previous car accident in the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel was a big deal, Claire had only heard that there was that one thing, and had not taken the initiative to understand.

So, she asked Elsa with some surprise: “Elsa, you also know Miss Su?”

Elsa was just about to speak, Zhiyu took a step ahead and said with a smile, “When I used to work in Eastcliff, I had cooperation with Miss Dong’s family company, so I can say we know each other.”

As soon as Elsa heard this, she immediately understood that Zhiyu did not want her to reveal her true identity.

So, she had to go along with her words, nodded her head, and said to Claire, “It’s like this, I just didn’t expect that you and Miss Su also knew each other.”

Claire also didn’t suspect and smiled, “Miss Su’s mother is my client, we also just met not long ago.”

“Understood.” Elsa nodded gently.

Zhiyu was also curious and asked, “By the way Mr. Willson, how do you and Miss Dong know each other?”

Claire replied with a smile, “The two of us are good girlfriends, we used to go to college together, including Charlie who used to be classmates with us for a year.”

Deep inside Zhiyu was even more surprised: “What the h3ll is going on here?

Charlie and his wife, and this Elsa were classmates? But Elsa came to work in Aurous Hill, must have come for Charlie, and she is working in Charlie’s Group, could this Elsa be Charlie’s lover under the eyes of Claire?

If this is really the case, then Charlie this hand of black under the lamp, play is really a god’s move!

Thinking of this, the dialectical thinking that is always in her heart began to work again.

She also felt: “seems not right, with my understanding of Charlie, he is definitely not the kind of person who keeps a mistress behind his wife’s back, and it is even more impossible to get together with his wife’s college classmate and a best friend directly and privately ……

Then does it mean that Elsa does not know Charlie’s true identity? Just treat him as a classmate, as well as the husband of her best friend?”

A thought, Zhiyu said tentatively: “Right Miss Dong, since you work in the Empire Group, then I have a request, I have some projects I want to dock with the Emgrand Group, I wonder if you can help me introduce the chairman?”