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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3243 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3243 Start

This set of analogies of Zhiyu’s fairy descending to the mortal world made Claire nodded her head repeatedly after listening.

She felt that what Zhiyu said was too right, and the real direction of things should be the same as what she speculated.

Only, she did not know that these words fell into Charlie’s ears, and another taste.

Charlie knew that Zhiyu’s words, as if she was deliberately mentioning his wife, but deliberately mentioning was very hazy, so that his wife simply did not know that all this is related to her.

Charlie did not understand why Zhiyu said this to Claire, was it to give her a precautionary shot?

However, he himself did not want to leave Claire.

Or maybe she meant to say this to him?

But what is the significance of this?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

He felt that this woman was a little too smart, so that he carried a little bit of caution deep inside his heart.

When the three of them followed the crowd out of the arena, Zhiyu asked Claire and Charlie: “By the way Mr. Willson and Mr. Wade, how did you get here?”

Claire said, “We took a taxi to come here.”

Zhiyu said, “Oh, you can’t take a taxi at this hour, I estimate that there are at least 10,000 to 20,000 people needing a taxi in our neighborhood, even if you use the software to call a taxi, you still have to wait for at least an hour, it just so happens that I drove here, why don’t I send you back.”

Claire hurriedly said, “Don’t bother Miss Su, we’re not too far away, it’s just a 20-minute walk.”

Zhiyu said: “How can I do that? It’s so late now, you must be tired when you walk home, and it will definitely affect tomorrow’s work, besides, if my mother knows that I watched the show with you guys and don’t send you home, she will definitely talk about me.”

Claire heard this, the face is not good to refuse again, so she looked at Charlie asked: “husband you say, we are walking back or take Miss Su’s car?”

Charlie glanced at Zhiyu and said lightly: “Since Miss Su has invited us so kindly, we can’t let down her good intentions.”

After saying that, he looked at Zhiyu and said seriously, “Miss Su, I’ve given you trouble.”

Zhiyu hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade is too polite, such a small thing, I should do it.”

At this moment, Elsa saw Claire in the crowd and ran over quickly, saying while running, “Claire, how are you going back? My cousin is driving to pick me up, I’ll give you guys a ride.”

Kevin now has two tasks, one is to live in the urban village to suffer, and one is to serve as a driver for Elsa, so Elsa generally takes him with her wherever she goes, so that her cousin is not so bored.

And Elsa also has her own personal feelings.

She felt that cousin Kevin’s living conditions in the urban village, are really very difficult, she often calls him out, on the one hand, as her driver, on the one hand, so that the work of the reason, take him to eat something good with him.

When Claire saw Elsa coming, she said, “Sorry, Elsa, I’ve already made an appointment with my friend to go in the car back, so I won’t bother you and your cousin.”

Only at this time did Elsa see Zhiyu beside Claire.