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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3242 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3242 Start

Claire and Zhiyu were walking side by side. Zhiyu saw Claire’s eyes were red and asked curiously, “Ms. Willson likes Sara a lot?”

Claire nodded gently and said seriously, “I have always liked her, I feel that she not only sings well, but is also a very rare stream in the entertainment industry now, very clean and pure.”

Zhiyu smiled and said, “No need to doubt, she is not only a clear stream, but also the only one in the entertainment industry.”

Claire asked curiously, “What does Miss Su mean by that?”

Zhiyu laughed: “Let me tell you this, in the entertainment industry, there is no shortage of flies and dogs, some people sell themselves for profit, some people falsify the past for fame, and some people tend to follow the trend for the sake of relationship ……”

“There are also people who are racking their brains to set up a persona, in order to speculate PR exhaustive ……”

“Some are obviously poor, but they have to package themselves as rich;”

“Some of them obviously have no cultural level, but also have to package themselves as rich;”

“The most disgusting is that some foreign-favoring so-called publicists, in order to eat a mouthful of rice do all kinds of denigration of the country, and even go so far as to package those dirty third-world countries into a fairyland on earth with malicious intentions and despicable purposes;”

“In addition, all kinds of plagiarism imitation, malicious speculation is innumerable, really to count up, whose history is not absolutely clean.”

Speaking of which, Zhiyu turned the tables and said seriously: “Only Sara, never half a black history, so far, she is in the entertainment industry, there has not been any hype, nor has she done any fly-by-night hookups, she published all her personal history which is 100% true, and many of the more powerful places people simply did not expose, and even deliberately Not to let the media report, the real low-key and really cultivated.”

Claire curiously asked: “Miss Su seems to be very familiar with the entertainment industry?”

“Not familiar.” Zhiyu smiled lightly and said casually, “It’s just that there are no secrets in this circle that can be hidden from me.”

She smiled and asked Claire, “Does Ms. Willson know what Sara’s family does?”

Claire thought about it and said, “It seems that someone said that her family is in business, but what exactly they do seems to be rarely reported, giving the impression that they should be more powerful.”

Zhiyu laughed: “More than powerful, her family’s industry, a year’s profits are more than the entire entertainment industry a year to generate much higher profits, so people like her to the entertainment industry, is a phoenix from the sky, fell in the flock of chickens, completely descending blow.”

Claire listened dumbfoundedly, said: “No wonder Sara never engages in any publicity hype, even the hype PR such a whole entertainment circle is doing things, she never touch.”

“There were a few male stars in the past to hype PR with her, but the fake news just released, usually not more than an hour, Sara’s agency would immediately issue a serious disinformation statement, never give others the opportunity to hype. Never give others the opportunity to speculate ……”

Zhiyu nodded and laughed: “But what exactly is done seems to be rarely reported, giving the impression that it should be more powerful like.”

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to the public.

Claire nodded thoughtfully and said, “Miss Su has a point, according to you, she is indeed unlikely to stay in the entertainment industry.”

Zhiyu glanced at the silent Charlie and said with a smile, “Didn’t the opening video of the concert just now also say that Sara has actually been looking for her prince charming, I feel that she joined the entertainment industry, most likely to achieve this purpose of finding someone.”

“Yes.” Claire agreed and said, “I feel the same way.”

Zhiyu added: “You see she has been raised well since she was a child, I think that her Prince Charming’s origin will not be worse than hers, and probably even better than hers.”

With that, she used her long and slender finger, lightly nodded her lower lip and said to herself:

“Oh, so, that analogy I just made is actually not very appropriate …… although Sara is indeed a fairy who came down to earth, but the person she came down for is not less than her in status but beyond that.”

“Maybe, when they meet they will go back to the sky, together, forever!”