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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3241 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3241 Start

Sara retired long after the scene, the fans who had come back to their senses, cursed and took the lead in leaving the arena.

And many female fans also wiped their tears while silently turning away.

Charlie even heard a male hangman behind him, cursing and saying: “Grass! Where the hell is that stupid prince charming, don’t let me meet him, or I’ll break his hoofs!”

Immediately afterward, someone echoed: “Dude, count me in! This ba5tard dares to steal our love, I think he doesn’t want to be in the business anymore!”

“What the hell is this son of a b!tch capable of that makes my goddess sing in her wedding dress and rush to marry him? Damn, it really pi55es me off!”

Charlie only felt a chill in his back at this moment.

What is a public enemy?

This is the public enemy of the whole fcuking world!

Claire, who was on the side, also said with some loss, “Honey, let’s go.”

Charlie faintly nodded his head.

Claire stood up and said to Zhiyu, who was beside her, “Miss Su, my husband and I will leave first.”

Zhiyu joined the conversation saying, “I’ll go too, let’s go out together.”

After saying that, she hurriedly stood up.

Charlie looked at Philip and Lenan, and felt that he could not say hello to both of them even when leaving, it was a bit lack of respect.

At this time, Philip looked like I understand you, gently nodded, and waved his hand with a smile.

Lenan also gave Charlie a look of reassurance, meaning to let him hurry home first, and not care about the two of them.

But he knew that the two of them would have to rush back tonight and would probably have to go to the airport soon for that.

With no choice, he could only decide to turn around and say goodbye to the two on WeChat.

As for the five golden flowers, because of sitting relatively outside the reason, so when everyone began to exit, they must be the first to give up the first row of the channel, so everyone just got up from their seats, they were pushed by the crowd to go out.

This whole scene, tens of thousands of people exiting together was a spectacular sight.

When they came, these tens of thousands of people were spaced out long before and after, some came early, and some came late.

But now, they all got up, and moved towards several exits, so the whole arena seems unusually congested.

When Charlie and Claire walked out from the first row of seats, Doris, Warnia, Nanako, Aoxue, and Zhovia, who were sitting on the outside, were already gone.

There were so many people around, so Charlie did not deliberately look for their figures.