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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3240 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3240 Start

In this instant, countless fans once again cried out in pain.

Because, they know very well in their hearts, when the lights of the whole stadium are on, it is the time when the song ends.

Just like when a movie breaks up, when the lights come on, it announces the end of the show.

Moreover, Sara has just used her own handwritten words to say goodbye to everyone, so naturally, there can be no return.

All the fans sat frozen in place because they hadn’t recovered from the words left by Sara just now.

They couldn’t accept that their idol, their goddess, suddenly announced her withdrawal from the entertainment industry without any warning!

If she continues to work hard for a few years, she will probably create the peak of Chinese singers’ influence in the world and become the most popular Chinese singer in the world.

Nonetheless, this is such a promising superstar, chose to quit permanently, which for fans, not only are caught off guard, for them this is simply a thunderstorm!

Many female fans with weak mental capacity almost lost their voices in pain at this moment.

The male fans were all indignant, and many of them even clenched their fists, their veins rippling.

They couldn’t stand the thought of their goddess, abandoning all the fans who liked her just for a man.

This would not only hurt their feelings, but also stab them in the heart.

Because they knew that in the eyes of their goddess, all the men in the world combined might not be as good as that Prince Charming of hers.

Even Claire was stunned, she looked at the stage dumbfounded and murmured softly:

“How can you quit like this? How can you quit like this? There is still a bright future, why do you have to completely give up your career for a man? Can’t you get married and have children and take time out for your career?”

There were at least tens of thousands of people in the arena who had the same thoughts as her.

No one could understand why Sara had to make such a big sacrifice for a man.

And of the tens of thousands of people in the whole scene, the only people who could really understand Sara were only three.

Two of them are naturally her parents, and the only one left is not Charlie, but Nanako.

Because the education Nanako received since childhood was to try to be a virtuous wife and mother when she became an adult.

As for her own character, her hobbies and her career, they are not important in front of this goal.

Therefore, at this time, she also murmured deep inside: “So envious of Sara’s courage, in front of so many people to say what she wants the most, if God gives me a chance, let me and Charlie together for life, I am also willing to give up everything like she did …… “

As for Charlie, but was moved by those two last paragraphs of Sara.

All the income is to be donated to the charity foundation, specifically to help orphans, Sara will make such a decision, must also be because of his experience in the orphanage in the past ten years.

This made him sigh in his heart, Sara is always thinking about him all the time ……