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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3237 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3237 Start

Sara’s cover of the song “Tomorrow I’ll Marry You” is an old song published in 1993.

Many young fans at the scene have not even heard of this song.

However, the song itself is very classic, and even many big-name singers have covered this song in concerts.

However, in recent years, this old song rarely appears in the public eye.

And Sara sang this song to perfection, coupled with her perfect white wedding dress, it simply fits the temperament of this song to the extreme.

What’s more. Everyone knows that the reason why she sang this song is only for her prince charming that she has been looking for for many years.

So. This makes the fans at the scene, even more, moved beyond measure.

Who would have thought that a goddess who was in the limelight and had the love of thousands would be so infatuated with a childhood prince charming?

So, when she wore her wedding dress and sang the song on stage in a gentle and moving manner, the female fans on the scene once again felt what it means to be in tears.

What made the fans feel even better was. When Sara sang this song, her face was covered with the shy and intoxicated smile of a young girl, and anyone could see her deep love and intoxication from her face.

And her wedding dress is also extra colorful, the clothes on her body fit perfectly, the look is specifically tailored to her figure.

Moreover, this wedding dress regardless of style, material, and workmanship is exquisite to impeccable, even after the scene of more than ten meters high screen magnified out of the high-definition picture, can not see any defects.

Charlie’s whole person has long been frozen like a wooden chicken.

He did not expect that Sara would put on a wedding dress.

What’s more, he didn’t expect that she would sing such a song at the end of the concert.

At this moment, Charlie finally realized that this is Sara carefully prepared for his surprise, which made his heart shocked and moved, at the same time. And there is unspeakable guilt.

After all, his wife Claire is sitting beside him at this moment, and she is immersed in Sara’s song, she would never dream that Sara’s song, in fact, is sung for her husband.

At this moment, Charlie felt that in his heart, two consciousnesses were madly attacking each other.

One consciousness told him that Sara and him are married. And she has persistently searched for him for so many years, and has been abiding by the marriage contract with him, what it said was, he must give her a successful outcome.

However, another consciousness is telling him, Claire is your wife, the world has despised you in the past few years, thanks to her she never left you, and how can you start a mess?