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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3233 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3233 Start

After a short silence, there were many girls whispering and sobbing.

Many girls were touched by this true story.

Who would have thought that the famous singer Sara, who was the idol of countless girls and regarded as a goddess by countless boys, would be such an infatuated girl?

In her twenty-five years of life, she spent nearly twenty years searching for her childhood prince charming!

For many girls, this kind of infatuation story, can only possibly exist in a fairy tale.

But all this really happened in Sara’s body.

Charlie sat on the chair as if he had lost his soul, and his eyes were already filled with tears.

He really did not expect that Sara had given so much effort to find him.

Originally, he thought that this little girl, who was two or three years younger than him, said every day that she wanted to marry him, but was only brainwashed by the so-called marriage contract back then, but now he realized that, in fact, this matter had long been engraved in Sara’s bones.

And on his side, Claire has long been moved to tears.

Charlie could feel that Claire, at this time, was clutching his arm with both hands.

Zhiyu, who had always been calm, was moved by Sara’s persistence over the years at this time.

Moreover, she knew in her heart that the Prince Charming in this story was Charlie, whom she had been secretly in love with for a long time.

The couple, Philip and Lenan, clasped hands and wept silently.

For so many years, their family has given a lot of effort to find Charlie.

Fortunately, the sky is not to blame, they finally found the whereabouts of the person!

And what made them feel even more fortunate was that because of their persistent search for him, they had also planted heavenly good karma for themselves, so much so that the family had regained their lives with Charlie’s help.

Otherwise, if Philip died of a serious illness, Lenan and Sara, with the ability of the orphans and widow, it was impossible to confront the other two brothers of the Gu family, and by this time they would be empty-handed.

It is also from Charlie, the family completely understands a truth that has been passed down for centuries, that is: “Though do good, do not ask the future!”

Wholeheartedly, do good without expecting anything in return, do not need to think about the gains and losses, as long as they can afford their own hearts will be able to ask for a clear conscience.

Even, it can also reap greater opportunities.

Then, the black screen, lit up a line of beautiful white handwritten pen letters, followed by Sara’s voice from the audio, she said personally: “I thought that I could not find you again in this life, but I did not expect that the surprise would come so unexpectedly, so suddenly ……”

Sara’s voice sounded, the scene immediately also set off thunderous applause!

The audience who were moved earlier thought that Sara had not found her prince charming by now.

But when they read the line and heard the words, they realized that she had already found her prince charming!