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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3232 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3232 Start

The lights went out, which signaled that the show was about to officially begin.

Sure enough!

After five seconds of darkness, the big screen on the stage suddenly lit up.

Immediately after that, a video of the show began to play.

At the beginning of the video, it was a video clip with yellowish tones, with a lot of noise and a sense of age.

In the picture, a four- or five-year-old girl, wearing a beautiful floral dress, hands on the skirt, is dancing around a beautiful birthday cake, while dancing also with a childish voice singing the happy birthday song.

Next to the cake, stood a boy a little older than her, the boy wearing a birthday crown, hands together in front of his nose, head down, eyes closed, and silently making a wish.

Because of the low wish, so the video can not see the boy’s face.

At this point, the video screen suddenly stood still, and in the still screen, a string of subtitles appeared: “The girl in the video who loves to sing and dance is only three and a half years old, and she, Sara.”

As soon as Sara’s name was typed out, a deafening cheer erupted from the fans at the scene.

Many people were in awe that Sara was so beautiful and cute when she was small.

At this moment, another string of subtitles appeared on the screen: “And this guy who made a silent wish is her Prince Charming.”

At this instant, the cheers from the scene almost turned the whole arena upside down!

The fans didn’t expect that their idol, their goddess, had a prince charming since she was a child!

Could it be that this is the rhythm of self-revealing her love affair?!

Just then, the screen suddenly went black, and immediately after that, there was an old video.

In the video, Sara is a little girl, wearing a beautiful dress, singing and dancing around a cake, and in the video, there is also a boy bowing his head and making a wish, but, still can not see what the boy actually looks like.

At this point, another series of subtitles appeared on the screen: “This time Sara, already four and a half years old, and her Prince Charming, still silently making birthday wishes.”

Immediately after that, another video: “This is five-and-a-half-year-old Sara and her Prince Charming.”

Everyone was driven by the rhythm of this video, immersed in that beautiful atmosphere of two young children, childhood friends, and horses.

Immediately afterward, the picture suddenly turned.

Sara in the video was a little bit older, but she was alone crying red eyes at a piece of birthday cake.

A string of subtitles popped out: “Sara, who was six and a half years old, didn’t get to celebrate her Prince Charming’s birthday like she used to, because her Prince Charming disappeared into the sea of people that year.”

“So, after this, Sara and her parents, set out on a journey to find Prince Charming.”

Then, the screen was no longer a coherent video, but old photos that kept surfacing.

One is a seven-year-old Sara, curled up in an airplane seat asleep, with the caption reading, “Seven-year-old Sara, following her parents southward in search of her prince charming;”

An eight-year-old Sara, standing on the railing of a ferry looking out at her wishes, with the caption reading, “Eight-year-old Sara, following her parents to search both sides of the Yangtze River;”

A nine-year-old Sara, sitting in the back of an old red flag car, the view outside the window is blurred with residual shadows, you can see that the vehicle was speeding, with the caption reads, “Nine-year-old Sara, following her parents to search south again;”

The caption reads, “Ten-year-old Sara, following her father to the United States still in search, with famous Statue of Liberty behind her, before she returned.

Then there is Sara at the age of eleven, Sara at the age of twelve ……

These photos keep presenting, and Sara on the screen is getting older and older, from a little girl of three or four years old, gradually growing into a generous, elegant and outstanding young woman ……

This also means that for so many years, she has not given up the search for that Prince Charming of her childhood!