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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3227 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3227 Start

As soon as the girls heard Charlie’s words, they all nodded their heads sagely.

Although they all had good feelings for him in their hearts, they all knew very well that tonight was Charlie’s two-person world with his wife, and they should not disturb them too much.

At this time, Warnia spoke, “Master Wade, Mrs. Wade, then we will not disturb the two of you, for now, we can meet for a meal if we have time.”

After saying that, she looked at Claire and said seriously, “In addition, Mrs. Wade can come to Song Group when she has time, we also have some needs for decoration design recently, if Mrs. Wade is also interested, we can cooperate.”

Right now, Claire was at a stage where her career was very bursting at the seams.

She had always hoped to quickly make her company business bigger and stronger, and also hoped to be able to take the initiative to take up the burden of the family so that Charlie could be more relaxed.

Therefore, after hearing that Warnia had taken the initiative to offer her an olive branch, she immediately nodded and said, “No problem Miss Song, see what time is suitable for you, I will come over to pay a visit.”

While taking out her business card and handing it to Claire, Warnia said, “It mainly depends on your time, Mrs. Wade, I can basically do it at your convenience.”

Claire asked tentatively, “Miss Song, I wonder if you have time on Monday?”

“Yes.” Warnia said with a smile, “Then let’s do it on Monday at 11 am, so that we can have a meal together at noon, our Song Group has quite a lot of business associated with your field of expertise, so we can have a good wisp on Monday.”

Claire was excited and agreed to do so, putting the business card away properly while saying, “Miss Song, then we have a deal, I will visit you on Monday morning.”

Warnia nodded and smiled, “Okay, Mrs. Wade, see you on Monday!”

Charlie gently pulled Claire and reminded her, “Wife, the concert is about to start, let’s hurry up and go to our seats.”

Claire answered and greeted several girls separately, before following Charlie to the middle of the two seats.

As soon as they sat down, Claire couldn’t help but sigh: “I really didn’t expect to meet so many acquaintances at this concert, and that Aoxue and Nanako, both very beautiful in person! Especially that Nanako, simply too beautiful, in front of her I can’t help but feel a little inferior ……”

Charlie said seriously: “wife, you are also very beautiful, not at all worse than any of them.”

“Which has ……” Claire said seriously: “Doris and Miss Song have great temperaments, the confidence between the hands and feet is I can not compare, not to mention that Nanako, she simply can not pick any shortcomings, looks, temperament, eyes, tone of voice, and even manners, are very perfect.

“It is the first time for me to see such a perfect woman ……”