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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3224 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3224 Start

Elsa, who was watching the two whisperings and laughing, was more or less jealous and could not help but complain, “You two should pay attention to the occasion, don’t spread dog food in public, okay?”

Claire smiled cheekily and said, “Elsa, since we are in the arena, let’s go in together, don’t stand here.”

Elsa nodded gently, followed Charlie and Claire together with the security check, ticket inspection, and came to the venue.

At this time, the interior of the arena is already crowded, the surrounding stands are basically full of fans, most of them have glowing glow sticks in their hands, as well as LED light signs with Sara’s name written on them, tens of thousands of people waving at the same time, these glow sticks and light signs, all of a sudden it looks very spectacular.

Charlie grew up, or the first time to see a concert, so all of a sudden really some shock, this kind of battle, really he had never seen before.

At this time, his side, Claire said with a chagrined face: “Oops! I actually forgot to prepare the support materials in advance!”

Charlie asked with a puzzled face, “Support materials?”

“Yes!” Claire pointed to the fans holding glow sticks and light signs around her and said seriously, “Look, other fans have prepared.”

Charlie laughed helplessly and said, “Wife, it’s just a concert, no need to be so involved, since you like Sara, just enjoy her concert later, right?”

Claire couldn’t help but say with some regret: “I not only like her songs, but also like her as a person, so as a fan.”

“I always want to do something more for my idol, but recently I’ve been so busy with work that I forgot all about the support, as Sara’s iron fan, it’s really a shame.”

Charlie saw that Claire was indeed showing self-condemnation, in his heart more or less not quite understand.

First of all, he can’t quite understand this mode of fans chasing stars now.

In his opinion, if you really like a star, whether you like their songs, or like their film and television work, you should try to be sensible and put this like on the other party’s professional skills.

Like a singer on a good listen to her songs, like an actor on a good look at his work, in addition to that, there is absolutely no need to be too crazy and too involved for them, so much so that their real-life cause a relatively large impact.

Some popular actor’s performances of the tickets can be speculated to tens of thousands, even so, fans are still trying to do everything possible to rush to the general purchase.

Many of these fans do not really have very strong spending power, they save money in various areas of real life, just to see their idols with their own eyes, which in Charlie’s opinion, is indeed somewhat less sensible.

Just like a crazy female fan some years ago, in order to pursue a Hong Kong male star, completely overdrew the parents’ finances, which eventually led to the father being overwhelmed and going to extremes, resulting in irreparable bitter consequences.

So, he said seriously: “Wife, treat the star with an attitude of appreciation, not obsession, if you stand on the attitude of appreciation, then you and she are equal, but if the attitude of obsession, then you and she completely lost the status of equality.”

“We came here, to support Sara, which is already the greatest support and affirmation of her, there is no need to do other additional things.”

Claire nodded gently and said with some relief, “Okay, husband, I know.”

Charlie softly smiled: “Good to know, hurry up and go to your seat, the show is about to start!”