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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3220 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3220 Start

The family of four was full of wine and food, Jacob was already a little drunk and started to speak with a big tongue, so it looked like he had drunk too much.

Elaine and Claire are not strong, but after Elaine heard that the wine also costs 100,000 a bottle, she gritted her teeth and drank more than half of the bottle, she was so confused that she was feeling silly holding the bottle of wine.

Claire drank less, although the cheeks are a little red, but the brain is still very sober, seeing that everyone is full of food and drink, and only one hour is left before the concert, said to Charlie:

“Husband, I’ll go upstairs to change clothes, and we will go directly to the concert!”

Charlie nodded and smiled, “You go, I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

At this time, drunk Elaine, holding a red wine bottle of Lafite, lamented:

“Hey …… I really …… did not think that our family’s days could change like this… that we can live like this, drive luxury cars, live in luxury homes, use hundreds of thousands of worth set of skincare products, drink more than 100,000 worth bottles of premium red wine ……”

“Even Mrs. Willson in her most glorious time in the past did not enjoy this kind of treatment ah!”

Jacob, stimulated by alcohol, also said with some emotion, “Who …… who cannot say it? I …… my mother that old …… old villa, old, broken, and dirty, long ago not a mansion of the kind, which can be compared with this big villa …… “

Elaine rarely agrees with Jacob’s words, nodded, and said: “I tell you, Jacob, this is our family’s destiny! If I had not given you such a good daughter, can we have all of this today?”

Somewhat indignant, she said:

“When you married me into the door, your whole family looked down on me, especially your mother, in her eyes, I was married into your Willson family by virtue of my belly, mother and son, they thought I married you for a high climb ……”

Speaking here, Elaine’s eyes are a little red, said: “At that time, how much she disgusted me, how much she liked Horiyah.”

“Horiyah was different ah! She was beautiful, and would make the old lady happy, she took that daughter-in-law out to have face, unlike me, rural origin, not as beautiful as Horiyah, not dressed as fashionable as her.”

“I felt as if I have lost the face of the Willson family, so many years in your family, I do not know how many blank stares, how much anger …… “

Elaine paused, rubbed her eyes, sighed, and spoke: “But look at it now! Whether it’s your mother or your brother’s family, who has a better life than us?”

Jacob laughed awkwardly and did not say anything.

Elaine asked, “Jacob, why don’t you say anything? I asked you a question. Tell me yourself, who has a better life than us?”