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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3217 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3217 Start

In half an afternoon, Claire and her parents cooked a large table of sumptuous delicacies.

When Claire and Charlie went to the restaurant, a total of twelve dishes of all kinds were placed on the dinner table.

Charlie really didn’t expect that the three of them would cook so many dishes. He was surprised and said,

“Claire, Dad, Mom. There are only four of us. Is it not too wasteful to cook so many dishes? It’s so hard to cook so many dishes.”

Claire wiped the sweat from her forehead and said with a smile: “The food is too much, but it doesn’t appear to be too much when you eat it, and it’s all for your birthday dinner. Naturally, it should be a little grander, and there is no talk at all of the hard work.”

Jacob said with a smile, “Charlie, let’s have a drink?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Of course I have to accompany you for a couple of drinks. I’ll go to the storage room to get wine.”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Charlie, bring a bottle of red wine, by the way, Claire and I will also accompany you to drink some.”

“Okay.” Charlie agreed and asked Claire: “Wife. Can you drink?”

Claire nodded and said with a smile: “I can’t drink though I want to drink, if we both drink, we won’t be able to drive when we have to go to the concert.”

Charlie said, “It’s okay, I have a way to metabolize all the alcohol in a short time.”

Claire smiled helplessly: “Just blow it up and metabolize the alcohol. You know that it takes more than ten hours to metabolize alcohol. Drinking and not driving is a matter of principle. You can’t just use it just because you drink well. Try it out.”

Charlie can actually metabolize all the alcohol with aura, but he also knows that his wife won’t believe in him, since that’s the case, he doesn’t need to explain too much.

So he smiled and said: “It’s the wife who is right. Drinking and not driving. Let’s drink first. When we go to the concert, we will use our mobile phone to call for a car.”

“It’s almost the same!” Claire smiled: “It’s okay if you don’t drive today. Sara’s concert will have at least tens of thousands of people.”

“By that time, the entire venue will definitely be very troublesome to park. We might as well take a taxi and wait for the concert to end.”

“After that, we can walk back. From the stadium to our house, it will take about 30 to 40 minutes to walk back. Just take a walk?”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Okay, I listen to you.”

Jacob hurriedly said with a cheeky smile at this time: “Oh my son-in-law, when you go down and remember to get two bottles of good Moutai, I have been greedy for those Moutai for many days!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Okay, let’s take the best Moutai!”

Elaine hurriedly said: “Charlie, the best Moutai in our house is hundreds of thousands of bottles. Jacob drinking it is too wasteful. Or you can take the best Moutai and drink it by yourself, and then just give him a bottle of the normal one.”

Jacob immediately protested with depression: “Elaine, what do you mean by this? It’s all stuff that enters the stomach. Whose stomach is not a stomach, and why is it wasteful to enter my stomach?”

Elaine curled her lips and said: “Go, go to the bathroom and take a good look in the mirror! Take a good look at your old face!”

“A face like like, it’s worth drinking hundreds of thousands worth bottles of Maotai? How many do you drink? When this news spreads, the Moutai stock will immediately drop to a limit tomorrow morning!”

“You…” Jacob just waved his hand anxiously, jumped on the spot twice, and said angrily: “Your broken mouth is too bad! You are mad at me!”

Elaine said seriously: “I didn’t hurt you. I’m telling the truth. People say that a good horse can be equipped with a saddle. At best, you are a squeezed donkey.”

“You can’t even match a saddle. At best, you will put on a donkey cover. ! So don’t drink such expensive Moutai, go to the supermarket at the door and buy a bottle of Erguotou for not more than ten yuan, which is totally worthy of you!”

Jacob clutched his heart, and said to Charlie and Claire, “Have you seen it, today is Charlie’s birthday, but your mother is going to make me mad! Charlie’s birthday will be my death day. My son-in-law, I’m sorry, Dad added a block to you!”

Claire was helpless, and said: “Oh, mom, you can say a few words, you use a set of hundreds of thousands of skincare products, Dad didn’t say anything? Why are you always nagging him?”