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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3216 Free Novel

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Noah’s words did not really comfort Harold.

On the contrary, what he said was too pragmatic, and suddenly made Harold full of despair about his future life.

He has always been pretentious and always feels that he will definitely become a great man in the future, and even his future wife must be a good first-class woman.

Not only must she have a top-notch look, a perfect body, but also a strong and extraordinary background.

That’s why he pursued Elsa with all his heart and wanted to become the son-in-law of the Dong family.

But now, his father’s words made him realize that he has absolutely nothing to do with a woman like Elsa in the future.

Afraid that his future self can only be a blue-collar worker who makes money by doing coolie’s work, and he is afraid that it will be difficult for him to find a favorite object, and may even rely on a high gift to marry a wife home.

Following this blueprint to conceive of his future, Harold felt that his future was simply bleak, just like falling into a black hole.

As a result, he cried more fiercely.

When he cried like this, Noah felt very painful in his heart.

He wanted to help his son, but he knew very well that his future would not be much easier than his son.

The only good thing is that he has at least been married and has a pair of children, and if Harold doesn’t work hard, he may not even get married in the future.

As a result, he couldn’t help but sigh, and his whole person was much more decadent.

Wendy felt the extreme depression of the two of them, rubbed her temples, and said, “I am going to the kitchen to cook.”

After that, she fled and walked out of the bedroom quickly.

Originally, she wanted to find a chance to put the belt bought for Charlie in the mailbox at the door of his house, but when she thought of her current downturn, she couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of inferiority in her heart.

After thinking about it, she still decided to go to the store tomorrow to return the belt, and from now on, she will work hard to make money.

At the same time, Charlie returned to the living room of the villa, and his wife and father-in-law were still busy in the kitchen.

Mrs. Willson was making noise at the gate of the courtyard just now, and they didn’t hear any sound at all, which made Charlie breathe a sigh of relief.

However, with today’s appearance, Mrs. Willson, Noah, and Harold will definitely disappear completely in the future.

In this family, Wendy can be regarded as knowing a mistake and can correct it, and Charlie helped her with a small effort, which is also regarded as benevolent.

As for the remaining three people in the Willson family, Charlie didn’t want to talk to them at all, as long as they didn’t make trouble, it didn’t matter whether they were alive or dead.