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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3212 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3212 Start

Wendy didn’t expect that the belt she wanted to buy to give to Charlie has angered her grandmother.

As soon as she saw this temper of her grandmother who wanted to control and decide everything, she also got angry and said offhandedly,

“Every penny I spend now is my own hard-earned money, what I want to buy is my freedom, you have no right to interfere!”

“What?! I have no right to interfere?!” Mrs. Willson had just eaten at Charlie’s place and was disliked back by him, so she was very depressed in her heart, and seeing that even Wendy dared to talk back to her, it immediately ignited her fire.

Then, she stopped in her tracks and angrily rebuked: “You must not forget that I have always been the head of this family, before, now, and in the future!”

“The family is now the most difficult time, every penny, must be spent on the edge of the knife! If you are so extravagant and wasteful, you are putting the life and death of our family at risk!”

Wendy was aggrieved and said angrily, “You used to be in charge of everything because you were in charge of everything in the family, but everything in the family is lost in your hands!”

“Now everything is back to zero, starting with nothing, for my hard-earned money, why would I want you to be in charge?”

Wendy became angrier, her voice also raised a few points, and she said,

“From now on, I will be the one to decide my affairs!”

“As for the money I earn, I will take out a portion of it for your living expenses, as well as the expenses for father and brother’s rehabilitation, and every penny of the rest will be at my own disposal, you have no right to interfere!”

Mrs. Willson was furious and accused through clenched teeth, “You’re really wrong! Are you going to follow the example of that heartless Claire and turn your back on me?”

Wendy said with tears in her eyes, “There’s nothing wrong with following my sister Claire’s example.

She said in a very strong tone: “I have said what I should say, if you are willing to accept, then according to what I said, I will give you monthly living expenses, the rest you do not care, you have no right to care.”

“If you do not accept, then I will go out tomorrow to rent a room to live, I can not sleep in the company, the company’s general manager office area is very large, I will set a bed! It’s not a problem at all!”

Mrs. Willson, seeing Wendy’s determined attitude, panicked and said,

“Ai Wendy, what are you talking about …… we have come a long way as a family of four, we have suffered all sorts of hardships and seen all sorts of waves, how can we just break up?”

The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

Wendy immediately said, “Good! Then it’s a deal!”

Mrs. Willson was busy saying, “Okay, okay, it’s a deal, it’s a deal!”

After saying that, she smiled and asked, “Right Wendy, how much do you give me for living expenses in a month? You said that I am old, I must often eat good food to replenish my body, the food standard must be a little more.”

“How about this, you give me six thousand a month, this is even if I and your father and your brother’s living expenses.”

“In addition, you give me an additional two thousand as your father and your brother’s rehabilitation costs, a total of eight thousand per month, what do you think?”

Wendy was naturally clear that a month, three people, and eight thousand for living expenses, this standard was really a bit too high.

However, she did not bother to argue more with Mrs. Willson, after all, as long as she could make this old woman willingly give up the idea of controlling her, this was already a huge victory.

As for the eight thousand, although it is a little more, but now the company income is very good, her own monthly income to hand is more than 10,000.

Moreover, the company’s development is good, the profits are naturally high, after each quarter after the company’s tax return, there is a small part of the net profit of her own commission, so that the calculation, how to say a year can also get three or four hundred thousand, or even more.

So, giving the old lady eight thousand a month is not a big burden.

What’s more, dad and brother will be able to recover in a month or two, and they will be able to find a job to subsidize the family, which will reduce the pressure on her.