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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3211 Free Novel

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At this point, she flattering smiled and said:

“Charlie, we are after all a family, there are only some unclear misunderstanding, as long as we breathe, we are still a family of love, you are my grandson-in-law, Claire is my granddaughter, Jacob and Elaine are my son and daughter-in-law, we are actually the closest relatives!”

At this time, her face was full of smiles, and her tone was somewhat subdued: “You see, grandmother has also made amends and apologized.”

“It’s time for our two families to reconcile, and it’s your birthday today, so on this happy day, the two families can get together for a meal and completely resolve their differences, don’t you think?”

After listening to her words, Charlie said with a cold smile on his face,

“There is no need to settle the past, I don’t want to have anything more to do with you. My family is also the same, so you should not be playing this wishful thinking.”

Saying that he in order to completely put an end to the old lady’s thoughts, and serious warning:

“Today’s matter, as well as the matter of me giving Shangmei etiquette company to Wendy to take care, if you dare to reveal it to Claire, or my parents-in-law, then sorry, I will take it all back!”

When Mrs. Willson heard these words, her heart thumped.

She knew that Charlie had sensed her intentions.

To the old lady, after she learned that Charlie was the one who was valuable to Wendy. Then realized that not only does he seem to have a failure, but even his ability and influence are far above her previous perception, after realizing this.

The old lady’s heart began to think about taking the opportunity to repair relations with him and his family.

In this way, the benefits that can be obtained in the future will certainly be much more than now.

But she did not expect that this point in her mind. Charlie not only rejected her, but also blocked her chances to find other family members to save the country.

At this moment, she was inwardly dying of a million regrets: “Hey! If I had known that Charlie could be so capable, why did I have to keep targeting him, keep targeting the family of four?”

“Now I have offended all of their family, it seems that there is little chance to further repair the relationship in the future ……”

Charlie saw that Mrs. Willson had a strange expression and did not say a word, so he questioned, “What I just said, do you understand?”

“Heard and understood ……” Mrs. Willson how dared to disobey Charlie, after all, Wendy’s current job was the survival guarantee for her family of four, if she offended him, there was absolutely no good end.

So, she had to nod resentfully and said, “Okay …… I know ……”

Charlie nodded in satisfaction and spoke, “Just know, remember what I just said. In the future, well water does not offend river water!”

After saying that, he looked at Wendy again and said, “You take her back.”

Wendy nodded gently and said in a good manner, “Okay brother-in-law, I’ll take her back.”

Then, she held Mrs. Willson and spoke, “Grandma, let’s go home.”

Mrs. Willson was like a defeated rooster. Lightly nodded her head.

When Charlie saw this, he directly closed the courtyard door and stepped back to the villa.

Outside the door, Mrs. Willson just turned to go, she saw the Hermes bag Wendy was carrying in her hand, the bag was not big, and there was a Hermes box inside.

So, she subconsciously asked: “Wendy, how come you still bought Hermes things? Our family’s current economic situation, cannot afford such luxury goods ah!”

Wendy immediately said in some panic: “Ah, this …… grandmother …… this is what I bought for someone else, you just leave it …… “

“Bought for someone else?!” Mrs. Willson said angrily:

“Now the whole family is saving money, I still hope that your father and your brother get better soon, can go out to work to subsidize the family, but you are good, just earn some money, and start to buy luxury goods to give away?”

“Are we the kind of family that can give away Hermes at the drop of a hat?”

She reached over and grabbed the bag, pulled out a small ticket, and exclaimed,

“Oh my God! A belt nearly 10,000 yuan?! Are you crazy? You can barely eat, and you’re still here to poorly burn the bag, hurry up and return it!”