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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3210 Free Novel

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Wendy’s accusation made Lady Willson’s legs go weak and she almost sat down on her

She never dreamed that the noble person who brought her family back from the dead was Charlie, whom she had always despised and wanted to seek revenge on!

This reality, in the old lady’s heart, was as shocking as the Big Bang.

Because, she thought, Wendy’s noble person could be anyone in this world, but the most unlikely one was Charlie.

However, the truth of the matter is just like that.

Saved Wendy from the trap of selling her b0dy. The one who gave the whole Shangmei etiquette company to her to take care of was him.

Mrs. Willson was panicked and afraid, and deep inside she realized: “I just spoke in a tone that was a bit too arrogant, and I know without asking that Charlie must be particularly angry ……

He will not be just angry with me, will he directly drive Wendy away from Shangmei etiquette company?”

“The hope of our family of four, now she is alone! If Wendy loses her job, then we will not be beaten back to the original form again? If she loses her job, won’t we be put back in the same position?

When she thought of the consequences of offending Charlie, Mrs. Willson was terrified to the extreme, and her expression immediately became very flattering and very self-condemning, lamenting guiltily:

“Ah …… Charlie …… blame grandmother’s eyes, I really did not expect. You actually managed to repay your grievances with virtue and helped Wendy, helped us so much ……”

Speaking of this, Mrs. Willson choked with tears and said: “You help us with virtue, but I, a bad old woman, repay virtue with grievances, on your birthday, a happy day I came and scream with you, really blinded my dog’s eyes ……”

“You do not mind the small woman, for the sake of grandma’s age I have been so old I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a good deal, right?”

Charlie looked at her instant change of posture, the heart can not help but sigh: “This old lady though with other skills no, acting skills are really great, happy, sad and instantaneous switch, far better than an old actor!”

“If she could devote a little of her mind to serious matters, then the Willson Group would not have ended up in such a state.”

However, after all, Mrs. Willson is old, Charlie does not want to kill her, cold to the end, since she has softened, it is natural to give her a step.

So, he said indifferently: “Okay, say a thousand words, you are after all Claire’s grandmother, I also do not want to tussle with you, but from now on you must remember, we do not cross the river water.”

“You and your family, don’t come to our family any cause trouble and discomfort, otherwise, I will not be polite!”

When Mrs. Willson heard these words, she let out a long breath.

Now she finally realized that the basic security of life for her family of four was all given by Charlie, and if she still did not repent, she was afraid that the family would have to starve and beg for food in the streets.

So, she hastily nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice and promised: “Don’t worry, Charlie. Grandma will definitely not find you any more discomfort!”