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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 321 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 321 Start

At this moment, Claire was very worried about her father’s injury.

She had never expected that Zhongjing Liu, whom Gao Junwei had invited, was actually a quack doctor.

Now that Zhongjing Liu has been seen through, who can heal her father’s spine throughout Aurous Hill?

Just thinking about it, Charlie walked to her with Tianqi and introduced: “Claire, this is a famous doctor, Tianqi is experienced, he can heal our dad’s injury.”

When Claire and Elaine heard this, they were overjoyed!

The mother and daughter never dreamed that Tianqi, a top traditional medicine doctor, would be willing to treat Jacob.

Claire hurriedly said, “Mr. Tianqi, my dad’s illness, I beg you to cure him for us!”

Tianqi smiled slightly and said: “Mrs. Wade, please rest assured, Mr. Wade has the grace of reinventing me, I will definitely go all out.”

After finishing speaking, he stepped up to Jacob who was lying on the hospital bed, took out the pill, cut half of it very carefully, and put half of the medicine into Jacob’s mouth with the eyes of everyone expecting.

Everyone held their breath.

Although the original doctor at the hospital did not believe that traditional medicine could cure the spinal injury, after all, he was the famous Tianqi. This made him vaguely feel that a miracle might really happen.

Warnia, Solmon White, Qin Gang, and Mr. Orvel all got Charlie’s magical medicine, so they recognized the origin of this medicine at a glance. They also want to know at this moment, how amazing is this magical medicine? Can it deal with high paraplegia?

Afterwards, Jacob’s body trembled slightly, and his face that was originally extremely pale began to flush at this moment, and his closed eyes slowly opened at the same time.

When Jacob opened his eyes, he only felt a shock. The whole body was warm, and he was indescribably comfortable.

Moreover, the painful feeling deep into the bone marrow is slowly disappearing!

He subconsciously tried to sit up, and at this moment, a scene that stunned everyone!

Jacob actually relied on his own strength to sit up from the hospital bed!

Everyone present was shocked after seeing such a scene!

Claire covered her small mouth and cried with joy. Tianqi is indeed a master of traditional medicine. He has rejuvenated her father’s high paraplegia. He really cured him!

And Orvel and others witnessed Jacob’s recovery as before, and they admired Charlie even more!

They knew that half of the pill Jacob ate was the magical medicine refined by Charlie, and they had obtained them all. Now they saw that the pill had such a mighty power! High paraplegia can be cured with only half a capsule, and all of them are excited with no addition!

At the same time, they couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts: Mr. Wade is really a god and man!

The pill prepared by his hand can cure even high paraplegia instantly. It is a life-saving medicine!

And Tianqi was shocked and about to faint!

This is really a medical miracle! Even if it is an American, it is impossible to cure high paraplegia. However, it was cured with only half a magic drug!

Thinking of this, he was so excited that he couldn’t help but put the remaining half in his clothes inner pocket carefully.

This is an extra half magical medicine that Mr. Wade rewarded himself! Be sure to keep it safe!