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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3208 Free Novel

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Seeing her grandmother’s arrogant appearance, Wendy was afraid in her heart and hurriedly said, “Grandmother! How can you be so rude to brother-in-law! Hurry up and apologize to him!”

Mrs. Willson listened in awe and said, “Wendy, are you out of your mind? Has our family suffered less from his bullying?”

The old lady said with righteous indignation and reprimanded: “Don’t you forget! Your mother was sent to the black coal kiln by him!”

“If he hadn’t sent your mother to the black coal kiln, your father and your mother wouldn’t be in this situation today! That shrew Elaine would not have had the chance to humiliate your father by hanging green hats all over the balcony!”

“Also, have you forgotten what happened to you and me, when we were taken into custody? That is not all thanks to him?!”

“Now that you have a chance to take revenge, you not only don’t help me, but also turn your elbow to this son of a b!tch, you want to kill me!”

Wendy’s expression suddenly became very ugly, and she said very seriously, “Grandma! You are so old, why don’t you still have a correct sense of right and wrong?”

“You are right, my mother was indeed sent to the black coal kiln by my brother-in-law, but have you ever thought about why she was sent to the black coal kiln by him? If she hadn’t made a game with that woman, pitted all of Elaine’s money not to mention the brother-in-law’s villa, he wouldn’t have been able to punish her that way!”

“And the two of us into the detention center, that incident, in the end, is also our own blame, the villa was given to brother-in-law, but you wanted to take over, repeatedly come to trouble, you also encouraged brother to come over to the old housekeeper of Solmon at that time, we were not sentenced, is already brother-in-law’s extra-legal grace! “

Mrs. Willson stood dumbfounded as if she had been struck by lightning.

She looked at Wendy, unable to say a word for half a day, while her whole body was already trembling violently because of her anger.

Half a day later, she pointed at Wendy and said in the utmost pain, “Wendy ah Wendy! What kind of mesmerizing soup have you been given by Charlie? You have always hated him, so why are you starting to speak to him now?”

Wendy looked at her and said without flinching: “Brother-in-law didn’t pour me any soul-soup, and I didn’t speak to him, I just saw the truth of the matter itself!”

“Previously a thousand mistakes, it is our fault, I am sorry to my cousin, but also sorry to brother-in-law, we hurt and failed them again and again!”

“You …… you f*rt!” Mrs. Willson was so angry that she almost had a heart attack, trembling and pointing at Wendy, angrily rebuking, “Have you forgotten how Charlie plotted to harm our family?”

“We almost lost half of our lives when we ate the dumplings wrapped by the daffodil! Is this not a blood feud now?!”

Wendy shook her head and blurted out, “Daffodil was planted at home by brother-in-law, and you stole it as leeks to eat, which is theft itself! Stealing other people’s things to eat, eating poisoning is also entirely your own fault, what does it have to do with him?”

Mrs. Willson was furious, her face red and neck thick, gritting her teeth and cursing, “You …… you are trying to kill me, you! If you continue to favor him, then I won’t have you as my granddaughter!”

Wendy was not willing to show weakness and shot back, “If you don’t apologize to brother-in-law, then I won’t have you as a grandmother!”

Mrs. Willson was stunned and cried out, “Wendy, are you crazy? What’s so great about this guy that you’re willing to turn against your grandmother for him?”