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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3207 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3207 Start

Just as she was about to target Claire and make a good dig at him, she suddenly heard someone shout out, “Grandma! What are you doing here?!”

The one who spoke was actually Wendy!

Today is the weekend, Wendy originally did not have to go to work, but because there are more students at the training school, so she specifically went over to keep an eye on the professional class for half a day.

The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

Although Wendy knows very well, with Charlie’s current economic strength, a Hermes belt in his eyes is really nothing.

But for the current Wendy, this is one of the few luxury items she can afford.

After all, she now earns money alone, four people eat, and her father and brother still need quite a lot of convalescence money, so she herself has been frugal, it was not easy to save this more than eight thousand dollars.

After she had the shopkeeper help to wrap the belt, on the way back she had been thinking about how she should hand the gift to Charlie.

After thinking about it, she planned to put the gift in the mailbox in front of Charlie’s house, and then send a WeChat to Charlie to come out and get it himself.

She felt that this was relatively safe and would not be known by others, especially her sister Claire.

Moreover, if Charlie was not willing to accept his gift, he would not have the opportunity to reject it face to face, and more or less leave herself some leeway.

However, when she was about to pass by his door, she heard her grandmother’s furious voice from quite a distance, and when she took a closer look, she saw her actually blocked Charlie’s door and quarreled with him!

This scared Wendy’s soul half off!

So, she hurriedly stepped on her high heels and ran all the way to the door of Charlie’s house, dragged Mrs. Willson, and pulled her without saying anything: “Grandma, come home with me!”

Wendy, after this period of training, can now be said to be very discerning, she saw the old lady to find trouble with Charlie, she knew that the old lady must have caused big trouble, this kind of time must not continue in front of Charlie’s house and her tussle, or her emotions up, excited, otherwise, don’t know what will she say to Charlie in anger.

Therefore, the best way is to get the old lady away first, and then find a way to apologize to Charlie!

Mrs. Willson didn’t expect Wendy to come back at this time, and when she saw that she was pulling herself to leave, she hurriedly said, “Hey Wendy, don’t pull me, I’m telling you, this guy Charlie is about to get caught, what are you afraid of him for? Maybe in a few days, their family will ask us to take them in!”

Wendy felt her back full of cold sweat, blamed off the mouth: “Grandma what are you talking nonsense! Brother-in-law is so powerful, how can he fail! You quickly apologize to brother-in-law, let’s hurry home after apologizing, don’t give him a hard time here!”

Mrs. Willson raised her eyebrows: “What? Let me apologize to him? He is a liar who is always trying to cheat, how can you ask me to apologize to him? How dare you ask me to apologize to him?”

“I’m telling you, Wendy, you were deceived by the illusion of his previous call to action! Look at his birthday today, not even a single person came to his door to give him a gift, what does this mean? It means he is no longer able to do it! Maybe he’ll be reckoned with in the future!”

Wendy knew very well that Charlie’s connections in the city were extremely strong, so how could she just say that?

If he really is failing, then Shangmei etiquette company’s ex boss must be the first time to come back to find the company to snatch back.

So, nothing else to see, as long as he has not come to find her, then Charlie is certainly not likely to face any trouble.

The only possibility is that her grandmother is in big trouble again!