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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3203 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3203 Start

Mrs. Willson’s emotion made Noah and Harold, the father and son lower their heads in shame.

Seeing the two of them in such a weak state, Mrs. Willson felt a burst of contempt in her heart, so she stood up for a long time and said,

“You two lie down in bed, I’ll go to Charlie’s house and go around!”

Harold asked, “Grandma, what are you going to Charlie’s house for?”

Mrs. Willson snorted coldly, “Humph! What else can I do, of course, I’m going to mock them!”

Noah said with some concern,

“Mom, the matter of Charlie’s downfall is, in the end, only a speculation on your part, it has not been confirmed yet, if you go to trouble them now, in case Charlie has not yet failed and cleans us up by hand, wouldn’t that be an unwarranted disaster?”

Mrs. Willson said disdainfully,

“My old lady’s wise eyes, when have they ever looked wrong? I told you that your wife is unreliable and asked you to transfer all the money to me, but you didn’t believe me, look, your wife has run away now, right?”

Speaking of which, the old lady couldn’t help but gnash her teeth and curse: “Shameless b!tch, just ran away, how dare she steal my money! If that b!tch doesn’t die, it’s like God doesn’t have eyes!”

Noah couldn’t say anything at once.

His wife’s matter really made him lose face.

Stealing the old lady’s money was a minor matter, but the fact that she secretly conceived someone else’s child and infected himself with a disease was what he hated the most.

Harold spoke up at this time:

“Grandma, this kid Charlie has always been very evil, sometimes the more you think he is going to be finished, he can play out.”

“So I think we should keep a low profile, and when he really falters, then it’s not too late to mock him!”

Mrs. Willson was in deep thought for a moment.

She was so stimulated by Charlie in her heart that she had been trying to find an opportunity to make a clean brea5t of shame for him.

However, she also admitted that her grandson, Harold, did have a point, this guy Charlie was always inscrutable and did not play by the rules, so she really had to be more careful and must not be sloppy.

So, she thought about it and said, “Let’s do it this way, I’ll go to their home first and explore the truth!”