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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3201 Free Novel

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When Harold heard these words from Old Lady Willson, he became excited and said excitedly, “Grandma! If it’s really like you said, that’s really great!”

“I’ve always felt that that son of a b!tch Charlie is going to get hit by a thunderstorm sooner or later, so it seems that this is the signal before the thunderstorm!”

Mrs. Willson’s expression surfaced a bit smugly: “Their family has been doing so well for more than a year, all because of Charlie’s deceitfulness!”

“In the past, those Feng Shui masters and masters of metaphysics have been collecting a lot of money from the pockets of rich people, but none of them have ended up well! I think Charlie will also be finished!”

Harold’s body twitched with excitement and said, “If he really fails, I think their family will soon be finished! Maybe in a few days, that White family will have to come and take back this villa!”

Noah, who was lying on the side, said excitedly, “Oh, if that’s the case, the wind and water will really turn! It’s best if Charlie hurriedly fails, then their family has nowhere to go, fall into the streets, then we will watch their family’s joke!”

Speaking of which, he couldn’t help but say with pride: “Thirty years of the river east, thirty years of the river west! They certainly can’t imagine that our family can still survive.”

“Now Wendy has a valuable person to help her, and she manages the biggest ceremonial company in the whole city.

Mrs. Willson laughed and said, “Wendy is a real fighter! Starting from nothing, she was able to make a company the number one company in the whole city, she alone is much better than you two!”

The old lady Willson looked at the two of them and said angrily, “Speaking of which, you two are really a pair of wastes! I asked you to clean up Elaine, but you two got yourselves crippled and are now lying in bed, asking me, an old woman, to carry you for sh!t and ur!ne! This is outrageous!”

When these words came out, Noah and Harold looked at each other, and they could see the endless embarrassment in each other’s eyes.

It was true that the male members of the Willson family did not have much ability and capacity.

Although Noah is the eldest son and has always been highly valued by the old lady, this person is essentially a straw man, belonging to the kind of half-bottle wobbly master.

As for Harold, the eldest grandson, is more rotten mud can not support the wall, the standard useless, good for nothing, pretending to be the first.

The two of them have done so many years in the Willson Group, basically did not create any performance, the top of the Willson Group was the old man Willson who took the Wade family’s severance pay, and fought for half a lifetime to progress, since his death, the assets continue to shrink, until the bankruptcy and liquidation.