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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3200 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3200 Start

This cake does not look as luxurious and exquisite as the five-layer cake made by Sara, and it does not have lifelike shock-absorbing fondant dolls.

It is just a normal cake. However, the line of words written with chocolate sauce on the cake makes a warm current surged in his heart.

The content of that line is: “Happy birthday to my dear Mr. Wade.”

The signature is: “Love your wife, Claire.”

Seeing these words, Charlie smiled knowingly, and said to the rider: “The cake is okay, I will just sign for it.”

After that, he signed the bill and handed it back to the rider.

The rider took the order and left, and Charlie packed the cake again and carried it back to the house.

This scene happened to be seen by Mrs. Willson who was drying her clothes on the terrace of the villa opposite.

Seeing that Charlie took a cake and walked back to the villa, she couldn’t help but returned to the room curiously, and asked Noah and Harold lying on the bed: “Noah, Harold, do you know what day is today?”

Noah smiled bitterly: “Mom, I have been eating, drinking, and sleeping on the bed from before the new year until now. I don’t know what day is the solar calendar, the lunar calendar, and the day of the week.”

Harold echoed: “Grandma, I don’t remember the day either.”

The old lady Willson muttered: “Today is the second day of the second lunar month, and the dragon raised its head, but I can’t remember who celebrates the birthday today.”

“The unfilial son Jacob seemed to be born in winter, and the dead girl Claire seemed to be in summer…”

Harold remembered something, and said: “February Dragon looked up…Today seems to be Charlie’s ba5tard’s birthday!”

Old lady Willson frowned and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Harold nodded again and again:

“Once I went to the barbershop to cut my hair just after the first month of the year, I just saw Charlie and Claire having a meal in the small restaurant next to the barbershop, and there was another one on the table.”

“I observed the little cake. It was Charlie’s candle, so it must be Claire who celebrates Charlie’s birthday.”

“Grandma, you don’t know, the cake was shabby at the time, and it was not as big as a damn dish.”

When the old lady Willson heard this, she seemed to be in a good mood, and said with a smile: “Oh, it turns out that today is the birthday of Charlie the white-eyed wolf! I didn’t expect it to be so soon!”

Harold asked puzzledly: “Grandma, what’s the matter? Why do you say that?”

Old Mrs. Willson curled her lips and said,

“Before the New Year, many people lined up at the door of Charlie’s house to give him gifts.”

“You see, this is just the first month, and no one congratulated him on his birthday. Those who are rich and powerful don’t take him seriously anymore!”

Harold asked subconsciously, “Grandma, can you tell that Charlie is not in a good situation from this?”

Mrs. Willson said solemnly: “Harold, there is an idiom. As long as you see a leaf falling, it means that autumn is here, and autumn is here, can winter be far behind?”

Then, she said with an unpredictable analysis: “Think about it, if Charlie is really good now, then his door must be surrounded by rich people now.”

“There is an idiom. When a person is popular, the doorstep is more lively than the vegetable market!”

“But you see, for Charlie’s birthday today, for those who want to curry favor with him, such a big event is much more important than the New Year.”

“Up to now, they haven’t seen a person come to their house!”

“With this signal alone, I can make a clear judgment. Charlie must be messed up right now, or maybe it’s almost done!