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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3199 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3199 Start

Elaine curled her lips: “I don’t dare to brush this stuff, it is covered with thorns, if they get stuck again… let your dad clean up the seafood.”

Having said that, she looked at Jacob and ordered: “Jacob, take this crab out of the steamer and wash it, remember to wash it clean!”

Jacob couldn’t help but vomit: “I have other things, you can do it yourself.”

Elaine said angrily: “Don’t talk nonsense, go and clean up the crabs! Otherwise, you won’t even want to eat a bite at night!”

Jacob asked dissatisfiedly: “You let me clean up the crabs, then what are you going to do?”

Elaine said casually: “I’ll peel some garlic.”

After speaking, she grabbed a few garlic heads, sat in the corner with a small bench, and started to peel garlic into the trash can.

Jacob was a little bit angry, but didn’t dare to argue with Elaine, so he honestly took the crab out and took it to the sink for cleaning.

Seeing this, Charlie opened his mouth and said, “Dad, let me clean up the crabs.”

Claire quickly said to him: “Husband, you are the birthday star. Don’t come to the kitchen today. Go to the outside living room and watch TV. The cake delivery will come soon. Please keep an ear to the doorbell.”

Seeing her clear attitude, Charlie didn’t continue to insist, and said: “Then if you have something, remember to call me.”

“It is all good.”

Charlie came out of the kitchen and just sat in the living room for a while when the doorbell rang.

He saw from the monitor that a delivery person was ringing the doorbell, so he walked out of the room.

Outside the yard, a middle-aged delivery man asked, “Is it Ms. Willson’s house?”

Charlie nodded: “Yes.”

The delivery man handed him a cube box with a side length of about fifty centimeters and said, “This is the cake ordered by Ms. Willson, please sign for it.”

Charlie took the cake, and when he was about to sign the order, the other party reminded:

“You can open it and take a look. If there is a problem, I will directly take it back to the cake shop.”

“Don’t sign and go back to find that there is a problem and complain. Then we will Riders also have to take responsibility.”

Charlie didn’t think too much, so he untied the red ribbon on the cake box, and after carefully opening the top cover, a beautiful double-layer cake came into view.