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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3198 Free Novel

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Therefore, Charlie secretly decided in his heart that since the matter of marriage can no longer make the Gu family’s three people wish, he must compensate them in other ways in the future…

After sending Philip and Lenan to Shangri-La and entrusting them to Issac as a host, Charlie drove back to his Villa.

At this time, it was only after two o’clock in the afternoon, and he thought that his wife might not be finished until three or four o’clock, so he wanted to return home first, and then pick her up when she was almost done with work.

Unexpectedly, when he arrived home, his wife Claire, his father-in-law Jacob, and his mother-in-law Elaine were already busy in the kitchen.

Seeing that Claire was at home, Charlie asked in surprise: “Wife, when did you come home? Why didn’t you tell me so I could pick you up.”

Claire smiled and said: “I speeded up the work and finished early. I came home at two o’clock. I wanted to prepare a birthday dinner for you today, so I got back early.”

Elaine was holding a huge king crab in both hands, putting it in the steamer, and smiling at Charlie and said to him:

“Good son-in-law, mom will cook you a big meal tonight. Look at this big crab. , One cost more than three thousand!”

Seeing that she was going to steam the crabs, Claire hurriedly said, “Oh my god, the crabs can’t be steamed now.”

“It’s not three o’clock, it’s still early to eat! If they are steamed now. It won’t taste good by dinner time!”

Elaine asked in surprise: “Then you come back so early, why are we cooking?”

Claire said helplessly: “First do the preparations. Brush the king crabs and prepare them in the bucket. The other ingredients are the same.”

“All the ingredients are collected. Make sure the ingredients for cooking are also prepared and then wait. We will do it when it’s almost time to make it, so that it can guarantee the taste.”

Elaine said angrily: “Hey, I thought I would just start cooking now. Isn’t this crab steamed directly in the pot? Should I wash it?”

“Of course you need to wash it.” Claire said, “At least we have to use a brush to brush the dirt on the surface, and then rinse it with clean water several times.”