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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3196 Free Novel

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Hearing this, Charlie was silent for dozens of seconds, and said: “Auntie and Uncle, I understand your meaning, but I am not yet mentally prepared for this. Let me consider this matter again. I will think about it.”

Lenan nodded and said seriously:

“Charlie, if you get to know your grandpa and grandma as soon as possible, there is another big advantage, that is, the powerful resources of Ann family.”

“If Ann family is willing to help you, it will help you a long way. Getting on the horse is so simple, they can even save you 20 years of fighting.”

Charlie didn’t think about using the resources of grandpa and grandmother in his heart, but Lenan’s words were indeed completely out of kindness, so he knew that he would definitely not hurt the kindness of others.

So he also accepted it temporarily, and said, “Auntie, what you said is correct. I will also consider all issues in this respect.”

“That’s good!” Lenan breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a smile:

“You are the grandson of the Wade family, and the grandson of the Ann family. If you can inherit the Wade family completely in the future, and then integrate the resources of the Ann family.”

“All the domestic resources will be available in the future. The big family will be eclipsed in front of you.”

“Coupled with your own outstanding ability, maybe a few years later, under your leadership, the Wade family will become the second Chinese family to be among the top families in the world.”

Philip also said earnestly: “Although the Gu family’s strength is not yet at the top in the true sense, there is still the strength to add fire to you, and it may help you stand higher and see farther at that time!”

Charlie looked at the couple gratefully and said sincerely: “Uncle and Auntie, thank you for your expectations of me. In the future, I will do my best to not let you down.”

He said this from the bottom of his heart.

He hopes that in the future he will be able to reach the highest point and see the mountains and small hills.

It’s just that he hopes to be able to climb up by relying entirely on his own ability, rather than relying on both sides.

A meal goes on very smoothly and naturally in this kind of family atmosphere.

After the meal, Charlie used aura to dissipate all the alcohol in his body and determined that he would not have a half-cent relationship with drunk driving.

Then, he drove Sara to the performance venue first, and then drove Philip and Lenan to Shangri-La.

The couple had a lot of things. They had a rest in the hotel this afternoon.

After going to the venue to watch Sara’s concert in the evening, they would fly back to Eastcliff overnight.