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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3195 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3195 Start

Hearing Lenan’s question, Charlie was a little surprised for a while.

This was the second time he heard that, others asked him if he wanted to go to the United States to find his grandparents.

And the last one who asked him the same thing was Sara.

So Charlie told Lenan the same, what he had said to Sara before, showing that he didn’t want to disturb his grandparents who hadn’t seen him in 20 years, and hadn’t even seen each other a few times.

When Lenan heard this, although she understood it deeply in her heart, she could still tell from her expression that she felt somewhat sorry for Charlie.

After hesitating for a moment, she said seriously:

“Charlie, in fact, for so many years, not only you have been searching for the truth about the murder of your parents, but your Uncle and I have been trying every means to investigate when we are looking for you.”

“It was not clear who were the men behind the incident, but for so many years, we have not found any meaningful clues.”

“So your Uncle and I think that there must be a very powerful man behind this incident, pushing and trading everything.”

“If you want to find them out by your own ability, I am afraid it will be very difficult.”

Philip also nodded at this time and said, “Charlie, although on the surface, today’s society has been integrated globally, when it comes to classifying, the barriers between each class are far beyond your imagination.”

“In our country, there are only four or five top families. Even if other families are rich, they can never be integrated into the circle of top families.”

“There are many secrets, many special channels, and resources, only these few of the top families can know and master. This is only in the country.”

“If you look at the whole world, the real top families are those three. Many secrets are only known by these three families. Many things are possible only with these three families. The investigation came out.”

“Who killed your parents? Your grandfather and grandmother probably knew the answer long ago. Even if they didn’t know, if they used their resources, they would surely be able to investigate and find out.”

“So, if you can be with your grandparents If you recognize each other, this mystery may be solved immediately.”

Lenan also agreed very much and said:

“Yes, Charlie, your Uncle is right. It’s even possible that your grandpa and grandmother have already helped your parents avenge. If that’s the case, you are still here thinking about investigating.”

“Finding out the truth about what happened in the past and finding out the murderer of your parents is probably a useless effort.”

“Anyway, first recognize your grandpa and grandma, and then confirm this with them is the safest thing.”