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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3193 Free Novel

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At this time, Lenan handed over a knife for cutting the cake and said, “Charlie, you are the birthday star, cut the cake first.”

“Everyone will be happy after eating two bites, and then we will officially start the meal!”

“Okay, Auntie!” Charlie quickly agreed, and then used the knife to cut off a few pieces of the bottom layer of cake, put them on a small plate, and handed them to the three of them one by one.

Afterward, Philip took him, sat back at the dinner table, and began to enjoy the wine.

He took the initiative to pick up the wine glass and said to Charlie:

“Charlie, I have said too much thanks, I won’t be a dog here, I will toast you on behalf of our family of three with this glass of wine!”

Charlie did not decline, picked up the wine glass, and said seriously: “Thank you, Uncle!”

The two immediately drank the liquor in the glass.

Philip said: “Charlie, your parents left early. Based on my relationship with your father, after he left, I should take care of you, nurture and educate you, and treat you as my own, but For so many years, I have not been able to find you.”

“In your 27-year-old life, you have been missing for nearly 20 years, and there are so many regrets…”

Speaking of this, he sighed and said seriously: “In the future, I only hope to spend more birthdays with you in my lifetime!”

Charlie was moved in his heart and said with a smile: “Uncle, how can you just have a few birthdays, at least it will take dozens of times before it makes sense, right?”

Philip laughed and said heartily: “Yes! I will have dozens of times!”

Between pushing the cups and changing the cups, Charlie and Philip had each drank a catty of white wine, but both of them were only slightly drunk.

Even Lenan, who was originally incompetent, did not show any discomfort after drinking a bottle of red wine alone.

On the contrary, because of the effect of alcohol, she felt very happy as a whole.

Under the effect of alcohol, her cheeks were slightly reddish. Coupled with the rejuvenation pill she had just taken, her complexion looked white and red, charming and attractive.