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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3192 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 3192 Start

Hearing that the fondant dolls weren’t for eating, Charlie was a little relieved, otherwise, it would really feel strange if his or Sara’s caricature dolls were to be eaten.

Next to him, Sara looked at Charlie affectionately, and said softly:

“Charlie, I want to sing the happy birthday song to you like I did when I was a kid! You can make a birthday wish meanwhile, and wait until I finish singing to blow out the candles.”

Charlie nodded lightly, smiled, and said, “Okay!”

Sara adjusted her breathing slightly, and then sang affectionately,

“Happy birthday to you~Happy birthday to you~Happy Happy birthdayI wish you~Birth~Day… “

At this moment, Charlie put his hands together, closed his eyes, and silently made a small wish.

Now he has no material desires. His greatest desire is to find out the truth about the death of his parents and avenge them, but if this desire is put on such a warm birthday, it is more or less uncomfortable.

Therefore, he silently made a wish in his heart, hoping that all his family and friends would be safe and healthy.

That’s enough.

After making the wish, Sara’s birthday song was finished, and he burst into action and blew out the 27 candles on the five-layer cake one by one.

Sara, Philip, and Lenan clapped together, and Lenan smiled and said: “Charlie, I wish you like today and every year, and all your wishes be realized!”

Philip also nodded and said, “Charlie, I wish you all the best, peace, and success in your life!”

Charlie was moved and thanked them repeatedly.

Sara on the side approached Charlie’s ear and quietly pointed at herself in the fondant doll. With a volume that only he could hear, she said,

“Charlie, I wish you Marry this girl home as soon as possible!”

Charlie smiled knowingly, without comment.

He had understood Sara’s thoughts a long time ago, but there were many things that couldn’t be explained clearly, so he simply played stupid.